Friday, October 02, 2015

These are the days!

My boys and our sweet neighbor friends singing the pre game national anthem before beginning to play football in the front yard.  Such fun! Fall makes my heart happy.

I can't explain it.  I just love this time of year. Everything about it makes me happy!  The smells, the colors, the cool weather... Happy.

These two are night and day different, but they get along so well.  I love them so much.

Watching college football...

We were too into the game to stop and take Jackaroo to bed!

School outside... It happens during fall because mama can't stand to miss out on the nice weather!

This little dog,"Sniffer," continues to hang around.  Now he has started sleeping on our doorstep.  How sweet!  If Erik would let me, I'd adopt you, little one!

One evening this week all the kids played on the swing set.  Every now and then it hits me that one day this wooden structure will stand empty and quiet, no children crawling over every inch of it.  I'm so thankful that this is not true today.  Our swing set is 10 years old and going strong!  It gets so much playtime. It is beginning to look a bit worn.  I love it.  My big boys still play like kids.  I don't know what I'll do when they quit!?!?!  I will miss these days!

Climbing trees...

I love fall so much, but I'm really trying to take in all the GREEN!  I know that in less than two months the leaves will all be gone.  The green is so lush and pretty, but it is slowly turning right before our eyes!  One season bleeding into the next. Might as well sit back and enjoy the change!

Photo bomb!

She has my heart.  There aren't words.

Leaves scattered on the pond means fall is on its way.  Our home, our little neck of the woods, it means so much to me.  The tall trees, the pond, the land for boys to run and play.  I am always grateful for our little piece of land, but during the fall months it overwhelms me.


the preachers gal said...

Erin, you are a continued inspiration to me. I started homeschooling Roger, my son, 10 this Sept and I am loving it! It is partly due to you taking the time to email me a letter full answers to many of my questions a long while back, about 3-4 years ago to be more exact...time slips away! Thank you. I really appreciate your responding to this girl, someone you really didn't know, who happened to go to the same school as Erick. I pray for you and your family throughout the year and ask God to bless you with the same kindness you have showed me so long ago!
allison hughart

Sarah said...

My sweet Erin!! I didn't know you were blogging again! I haven't had Internet since moving and hadn't checked your blog in a while, so I didn't realize it! What fun to have several posts to read and see you in!! Sending you millions of hugs via my computer tonight, and let's try again this week to talk--I hate that I missed your call!! Pace is traveling most of this week, so I'll have LOTS of time to talk!! Love you!!!

Erin said...

I don't check my blog often. Just seeing this! So great to hear from you!! I think of you often!! So glad you are enjoying homeschooling your son!!

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