Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Control Journal

It was a few years ago that it hit me. I was doing a Beth Moore Bible study (forgive me, I don't remember which one). As I finished that particular day's lesson, I was overwhelmed by something new God had opened my blind eyes to about myself, a sin that needed to be reckoned with, a sin I had not recognized as sin until that very day. So, I did what I always do when I have a revelation from God. I called Mommy. And, our conversation went something like this. . .

"Mom, it just hit me this morning that I have issues with control in my life."

My mom responded with slight sarcasm in her voice, "Reeaallllly. . . And, you are just now realizing this. . ."

I was completely taken aback. My husband had a similar response when I shared my new found struggle with him. How had I missed what was obviously so clear to those around me?


And, I still live there because I really like control.

If I could I would micro-manage my life into a shoe box. Yes, yes, I would. Take for instance the way that I grocery shop. . .

I have a grocery list organized according to my favorite grocery store. I start in the back and work my way to the front. I organize my groceries as I put them in the basket. All items are neatly stacked virtually the same way each time we go since our list is basically the same each week. And, God help JCT if he dares mess with the groceries that I so neatly organize all around him in the back of the buggy. Milk is always lined up against the back of the buggy and all other cold items are placed strategically across the back half of the cart. We work our way to the produce. All produce sits on top of the other items along with the bread. Then, I unload my basket putting produce and bread on the back end of the conveyer belt and work my way to the front where all the cold stuff is kept together. In the middle are all my canned goods and boxed things. It is a beautiful thing, really. And, God help the checker who messes with my organized groceries in order to fill my bags the way she believes is best. Then, I place my groceries in the back of the van a certain way - keeping cold things together, etc., and carry them in the house in this same way. This makes unloading the bags easy and convenient.


It is a sickness.

It is incurable.

And, I like it, very much. :-)

I won't continue and share the gory details of my pantry organization, toy organization, or my obsession with bins, baskets, and all things that keep order. Let's just say if I am having a bad day I do one of three things. Either I reorganize our schedule, clean out a drawer or cabinet, or if that doesn't do the trick, I load everybody up and we go to Wal-Mart to buy more bins. All of these things truly relax me and just plain make me feel better. I think having children has a way of making one feel completely and utterly out of control. So, any little thing that I can do to make myself feel "on top of it" helps!

A while ago some of you asked about my contol journal. I got the inspiration for this journal from flylady. I use plastic page protectors so that I can use dry erase markers to scratch through things I have accomplished, etc. I have a plastic page protector addiction, but that is another story. I like all my pages typed in my favorite font.
And, now here are the basics of my control journal:

Weekly Goals: This is a general list of goals that I only update on occasion. I read through the list every day or so simply to keep my focus. Examples of things on this page are: Focus on Character Issues with the Boys, Keep clutter off counters in kitchen & utility, Exercise, Eat healthier, Check Flylady - room of the week, etc.

Weekly Schedule: This is a list of the days of the week and the chores and activities unique to that day. For example I do laundry on Monday, Plan meals for the following week & make my grocery list on Thursday, clean out my van & diaper bag on Friday, etc.

Spiritual Focus: This is just a place for me to list lessons that God is teaching me and areas that I consistently need to pray over and remind myself to remain focused on.

My Morning Routine: I once read a book that recommended organizing your day in 30 minute increments. I tried this and went completely crazy. I do long stretches. For example between 6:30 and 8:30 I need to make coffee, breakfast, shower, get the boys dressed and teeth brushed, unload dishwasher, feed fish, etc. This works much better for me. So, the day is broken down into big blocks of time. Also, each day of the week is unique as far as activities outside of the home, so a schedule that is too detailed will simply not work for us. We have certain activities that occur at virtually the same time every single day. For example: Reading & Snack is at 9:30. Lunchtime is at 12. Naptime is at 1. Outside play is from 3:30-5:00. Dinner is at 6:15. Bedtime for the boys is at 8. And, though these times move about a little each day, we pretty much stay within 30 min. of the assigned time.
My Afternoon Routine: It is just what is says. . .
My Before Bed Routine: These are the little things that must be done each night before bed. Lights off, doors locked, phones on chargers, juice and milk cups filled for the next morning, vitamins taken, face washed, clothes layed out for the next day, etc.
I also keep about a years worth, literally, of our family's grocery list in a side pocket of this notebook. Other things that I keep in my control journal are unique to our family. I have Erik's list of landscaping plans for our backyard, and our pool maintenance list, etc.
This journal is certainly not necessary for me to be productive, but I simply enjoy it. I love my control journal. I'm not sure why I love it so much, but I do. It is the skeleton of our day to day life, and it keeps me from feeling out of control. Eventually I'd like to include a list of all our family's favorite meals and monthly menu plans in my journal.
Maybe being a nurse for years and working off a flow sheet has something to do with my desire to keep a schedule. I just know that I am happier and more productive with structure in my day. Hope this has helped! For more information on control journals go to flylady!!!

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Six Days Without Biff Are Six Days Too Many

Last week around this time I realized that we were almost out of Bifferdoodle Decaf. I searched the pantry for another bag to no avail. We had exhausted our resources. We were out, completely and utterly out of our favorite coffee (aka the nectar of the gods and liquid gold). We have to order Biff's coffee online, so I knew that I would be without Biff for a few days. Get out the sackcloth and ashes.

Finally, last night I heard that sweet sound ~ the roar of a large truck in my driveway, a large brown truck with three lovely letters on it. I ran and put Rain up, glanced at myself in the mirror, primped a bit ~ oh, I jest. Anyway, with great anticipation and excitement I met the UPS man at the door. He came, just as I suspected, carrying a box chock full of Bifferdoodle decaf ~ 8 one pound bags (and, Biff being the doll that he is threw in an extra bag of his house blend!). I had to restrain myself because I am a married woman and all, but everything in me wanted to hug the darling man in brown carrying a box labeled "coffee" with a cute little picture of a steaming cup of joe on it. Instead I simply said, "I have been waiting for this!!!!" And, he had no idea how deeply I meant those words.

And, now I have just made my second pot today! I am a bit of an extremist! It must be some sort of phenomenon, but I can literally taste the cinnamon. When I have the great privilege of drinking Bifferdoodle day in and day out, I don't even notice all the wonderful flavors that make up the coffee that I love. This morning I poured my first cup of Bifferdoodle in nearly one week, and before taking that first sip, I just paused for a moment. I inhaled the glorious aroma, felt the warmth of the mug in my hands, and smiled to myself. Then, I lifted the mug to my mouth, and I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Seriously. I don't know why, but I love this coffee. Instantly, I wished that Erik and I were alone on vacation, sipping this coffee ~ perhaps in the mountains somewhere with nothing to do but drink coffee and talk or read. Wouldn't that be nice? Oh, one day, maybe one day. . .

Until then, I will just take another sip and enjoy a somewhat quiet morning.

Monday, April 28, 2008

My Midnight Peek

Every night when we leave the boys room after our bedtime ritual, we always say, "Now go to sleep. You can talk quietly for a few minutes, but then please go to sleep." And, every night virtually the same thing happens.

They talk. . . and talk. . . and talk. . . and talk a little more. . . then they sing some. . . then talk a little more. . .

We rarely have to go up and tell them to go to sleep. Usually, eventually, one of them gets tired and falls asleep and the other quits talking and goes to sleep, too. In the beginning, Erik and I would stand by the monitor and listen to their little nightime conversations the same way we do our favorite TV show. But, now a year later, their cheerful chatter is backgroud noise that we are almost completely unaware of ~ unless someone begins to cry or we hear the infamous words, "Mommy, JCT needs to go poo poo!"

* A side note: JCT is what I like to call an "inconvenient pooper." He always has to go at naptime, nightime, or in the middle of Super Wal-Mart. But, that is another story. . .

Anyway, Saturday night we put the boys to bed a little early so that we could have a date-night at home. The boy's chatter went on and on for an extra long time because they were very awake when we layed them in their beds.

Meanwhile, Erik and I watched a sappy chick flick that had this pregnant mama in tears. Before we went to bed, I went upstairs to check on the little men ~ a quick midnight peek. They talked for such a long time that I just wanted to make sure they were both snug in their beds. What I found brought even more tears to my eyes.

JCT and Joshua were snuggled up next to eachother sleeping on one half of JCT's trundle bed. They had opened the blinds in their room, allowing the moonlight to stream down on their sweet angel faces. I watched them breathe and sleep for a few minutes, and then I tip-toed downstairs to share the precious details of my midnight peek with Erik.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

The Difference a Year Makes. . .

This is a picture taken of me by my mother one year and one week ago. . .

April 2007

And, this is a picture of me taken by my husband yesterday. . .

April 2008

By the looks of my swollen abdomen, a year hasn't made a whole lot of difference! But, looks can be very, very deceiving!! Note: the cute little man waving in the picture!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Best Birthday Present of All

I think it is every baby's favorite first birthday present. And, it is given to them not by a loved one, but rather it is given by the governing authorities of the state in which they reside.

It is the ability to turn around and face forward in their car seat!!!

Oh, glorious day!!

After staring at grey leather, a mirror, and the same old toys, Elijah was given a wonderful gift ~ a new perspective, a new view, the ability to see the DVD player & Mom easily, and most importantly the feeling of being part of the gang and not a prisoner confined to a backwards car seat! Yay!
And, here he is in all his big boy glory!
We drove 30 minutes to the mall yesterday afternoon, and Elijah smiled the entire way! Every time I turned around to check on him, He would grin a huge open mouth, gap teethed smile, wave excitedly, and say a breathless, "Hhhhhiiiieeee, Hhhhiiiieeee!"
Oh, happy day! And, to top it all off, after dinner, I split a cookies and cream milkshake from Chick-fil-a with him. And, I say split with hesitation because he virtually ate the whole thing!!! I snuck a sip in here and there while he fussed at me to give! it! back!!!! But, who can blame him! And, after all it was his birthday, so I selflessly obliged.

Could Mommy love you more?

I think not, sweet 'Lijah!!!

Friday, April 25, 2008

Happy First Birthday, My Little Explorer!!

In some ways it seems you have been with us forever. I can hardly remember your not being a part of our family! But, then again, wasn't it just yesterday that we welcomed you into our world? With your slippery, slimy wet body, loud robust cry, and bright red baby soft skin, you came into our world, and instantly we delighted over you! Elijah Kelly entered our life, and we have not been the same since!! I knew from the strength and power of that very first cry when your Daddy delivered you into this world, that you would have a strong spirit. And, you do. You are full of determination, unrelenting joy, and spunk! My goodness, I love you, and I can't imagine life without you, my little man!

And, now one year later, you are my little explorer! You are into anything and everything! I have to watch you every second! Full of energy and life, you are a constant source of joy for us! We cannot wait to get to know you better and better through the years. One thing is for certain ~ you like to have a good time, to laugh loud and smile big! And, in doing that, you cause all around you to smile and laugh with you!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The Sibling Bond

There is a wonderful man who runs the Chick-fil-a at our local mall. Deana B. and I meet at the mall and eat Chick-fil-a with the kiddos every Wednesday at lunchtime. M., the owner of our mall's Chick-fil-a, knows us by name and expects to see us every Wed. When we skip a week, he notices our absence. One Monday M. realized that over the weekend they had run out of the little stick-on placemats for Kid's meals. He ordered them next day air because he knew that we would be counting on them that Wednesday. Didn't I tell you he was wonderful?

Anyway, Erik and I ate at the mall recently, and after dinner I went to Chick-fil-a to get a milkshake. Because, really, is there a better milkshake than a Chick-fil-a milkshake? I am finally starting to show a bit, and for the first time M. noticed my swelling abdomen. He smiled at me with eyes wide and put his hands on his belly! I nodded to let him know that he had assessed correctly - I am with child, again. He quickly pulled one of his employees over to introduce him to me. M. said, "This is Joseph. He is the oldest of five children." Joseph took my order and talked with me about his opinion of growing up in a large family. He smiled as he reminisced about his childhood. The comment that stuck with me almost as much as his contagiously sweet smile was, "I can honestly say that growing up I was never bored. There was always something to do and someone to do it with. Still today, when we are all home, it is very. . . entertaining. . ."

For several hours and days now, I have pondered his statement. And, I was reminded of it, once again, this morning as I changed out the boys winter and summer clothes. I was carefully folding Elijah's winter things and placing them in a big bin when it hit me that I would be pulling these same clothes out again next winter for a little man we have yet to meet! I felt a funny little twinge of excitement that started in my toes and worked its way like electricity through my body. I daydreamed for a second about introducing my big boys to this new little one. The thought made me grin from ear to ear. I love having a baby in the house! I can't imagine the day when I don't have one. I'm not sure that I want to imagine it! I love soft sweet baby cheeks to kiss. And, thankfully, I don't have to worry about that for another year or so. I feel sure that I'll be ready to let go of the baby days when the time is right.

Somedays I contemplate our family. And, somedays I feel that maybe Erik and I got in a little over our heads. 3 children so close in age can be crazy at times especially for a pregnant mama. But, it is exactly what God wants for our family. I have no doubt about that.

Last week I was holding a protesting JCT in my arms on my way to take him upstairs for a nap. Joshua begged me to let him go upstairs with JCT. "Plllleeeeaasssse, Mommy, let me go up and play with him. Don't make him take a nap. I want to play with JCT!!" I smiled and said, "But, Joshua, I will play with you. We can play a game. Do you want to play a game with Mommy?"

His response was, "No, Mommy, I don't want to play with you. I want to play with JCT!"

I must admit, I was taken aback at first. My thoughts went something like this. . .

Excuse me, you don't want to play with me? What do you mean you don't want to play with me. I thought I was the alpha and the omega of playmates! What are you saying? Are you saying JCT is more fun than me? Because I'll show you fun. You just wait, I'll show you fun. I gave birth to you. I've known you longer. I know you better. I'll show you fun.

But, after my selfish moment, I realized that this was truly a wonderful thing, and it wasn't about me. It was about them. They are bonding. My boys are bonding. They are developing their own unique relationship, or rather - their own special friendship. And, that is the way it is supposed to be. Because, one day, it is my prayer, that their frienship will outlast my life. And, when I am no longer here to comfort and take care of them, it is my prayer that they will comfort and take care of eachother.

And, in the meantime, they may not have a perfect childhood, but, at least according to Joseph, they will never be bored. There will always be something to do and someone to do it with, and that is a good thing - even when - especially when - that someone isn't always me.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

A Little Reminder

Today at the swingset JCT said the sweetest thing to me. He said. . .

"You are my fravorite Mommy!"

I thanked him and told him that I loved him, too.

Then, he said,

"No one else gets to take you home. Just me. None of the other kids at church get to take you home ~ just me!"

To which I replied, "And, none of the other Mommy's get to take you home ~ just me!! Aren't we blessed!"

Later as I pondered the sweetness of his comment, I felt a bit of pride creep into my heart. And, I was reminded of something I read in a book a few months ago. The goal of raising our children is not for them to grow up and lift us up, but rather that they would grow up and lift Him up. The goal is not for our glorification as parents, for our children to love and adore us and feel we did a good job raising them. The goal is to raise Godly children who glorify God with their lives. And, that is something that I need to be reminded of quite often.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Chosen by God to be our Baby

Hello, little one, chosen by God to be our baby. I love you sincerely with all my heart, and I long to see your sweet face and hold your tiny baby body. But, I am glad to wait and feel you grow and move within me. Dear, precious child, I cannot tell you how fun it was to watch you via ultrasound last Friday. We watched you move and stretch and yawn. And, I wanted so badly to reach right through that screen and hold you close to me! Little cutie! I have noticed lately that you don't seem to be a very active little one. I am thankful for the times when I feel you kick because it isn't very often. You seem to be fairly calm. Amy, our ultrasound tech, kept commenting on how you stayed curled up in a ball. In the picture above you can see your sweet knees up by your nose!! I can't wait to see if you still like to be curled up in a ball when you come out to be with us!

And, if there was any doubt about your masculinity, it was quickly dismissed. This was one of the first pictures Amy took!

I love this picture of your arm beside your sweet baby head. I love you little man!

After the Ultrasound, we went to a cute little maternity/baby store to buy something for you! And, we found this frame that matched our living room perfectly. We thought it was the perfect place to display a picture of you, little love.

Moments after I set the frame down, I caught your sweet oldest brother kissing your picture. Your big brothers talk about you all the time. They love you so much already!

You are such a joy to us already!

Godspeed, sweet one, Godspeed.

Until then, know that I am loving you. . .

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Mama's Favorite Birthday Pictures. . .

I would love to think that my boys will always be affectionate towards me. But, I realize that as they grow the cuddles and kisses will become a bit more scarce. The hand holding, lap sitting, knee hugs, and sweet gummy baby kisses will one day be a sweet memory. So, in the meantime I am savoring the affection, every cuddle, kiss, and softly spoken word. The memories will be sweet enough to last a lifetime. . .

Memories like this. . .

It started off innocent enough. He just wanted to feed mama some cake like he did Daddy. . .

But, then he curled his little finger inside my mouth & hooked me like a fish.

Once he reeled me in close to his face, he grabbed me by the ears and brought me in for a big sugar sweet birthday kiss!

Mmm Mmm sweet baby love!

Goodness, I love you little man!!

"Throwing" a ball party for our 'Lijah!!!

Joshua loved yellow rubber duckys. JCT loved frogs. And, sweet Elijah, loves anything round that bounces! So, we threw a ball party for him. We invited some of our favorite friends and family to bounce on over and celebrate the first year of Elijah's life with us! Elijah's birthday is not until next Thursday, but Pop and Grandma were in town so we celebrated a week early!

Joshua is my green boy. JCT my blue boy. And, Elijah's color is orange. So, I decided to make a soft orange basketball cake for him. Erik sent me the most beautiful bouquet of flowers for our anniversary the day before the party, and I used them as the centerpiece and inspiration for the icing colors!

My goal was to make all the food round - except for the gumbo. But, I guess the bowls we served the gumbo in were round, so maybe that counts for something! The chips were round. There were bowls of cheerios and trix, etc. I took the big boys shopping and asked them to help me find round food! Planning parites can be so much fun!

Sara and Grace!

The kids played in the front yard with lots of balls - which were the party favors.

Lovin' for Grace!

Pop and the star of the party!

And, for the moment we've all been waiting for. . .
The tasting of the cake. . .

Hmmm. . . What is this?

Mmmmm. . . I think I kinda like it. . .

Yes, definitely like this stuff. . .

You should try this, Daddy, it is really good!

Marcus, a.k.a. the clean up crew!

The Par-cakers. . .

And, a silly big brother!

We had a great time celebrating our little man, and I think he enjoyed himself, too. Happy day!

Friday, April 18, 2008

Afton in the Azaleas

Precious pigtails & a pretty face tippy toeing through the spring flowers. . .

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Big footsteps

The weather here is delicious - cool, breezy, and beautiful. Joshua and Daddy spent this morning like they do every Saturday morning - working outside in the yard. Erik loves yard work. He says it is "mindless." And, after using his brain extensively all week long, he loves to relax and work outdoors without a care in the world. Joshua shares his love for working hard and getting sweaty! This morning I came out to ask if anyone was ready for lunch, and I overheard Erik talking to Joshua. Joshua was pushing the wheelbarrow back from their trash pile to the shrubs they were so feverishly trimming. Erik was telling Joshua to steer the wheelbarrow straight because "the shortest distance between two points is a straight line."
All I could think after I heard Erik say this was how wonderful these times are for Joshua - working side by side with his Daddy, learning, growing, and being challenged. The father/son relationship is a beautiful thing, and I love watching my sons desire more and more, year after year, to be like their Daddy, to follow in his footsteps. I can pour my life into these boys, and that is an absolutely vital part of their upbringing. But, there are certain gaps that only Daddy can fill. And, I love watching these gaps be filled to overflowing by an attentive and loving Father. Erik works hard, and often he has to work long hours. But, one thing is certain - when he is home, he is 100% home. We don't get the leftovers - he saves the best for us!
As I write this, my little boys are napping, and my big boys (Erik and Joshua) are at a baseball game. Joshua starts t-ball in a few weeks, so Erik wanted to take him to a baseball game for a little pre-practice prep! I smile to myself, often, and think it is no wonder that God keeps filling our home with boys - Erik is such a good boy Daddy. My sons are blessed and so am I. I love you, Babydoll!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Baby Curls - 11 months

You have some sweet little curls that we have just started noticing on the back of your neck. They are so adorable! I've never had a little one with curls. This is just one of the three zillion ways that God has chosen to make you unique, precious, and wonderful. And, man, do we love you!

Your smile has changed dramatically as of late. You have nearly 8 teeth now. 6 are all the way through, and two more are poking through your gums. You are eating like a champ and are almost, big gulp, fully weaned!

You take my breath away, little man. Your grin & laughter are contagious, and your big brothers compete to make you the happiest! Daddy is your favorite! When he comes home, you crawl at the speed of light to him and then pull up on his legs beckoning him to hold you!! And, who can resist you?

You are the fastest thing on four legs that I've ever seen! You are pulling up and walking while holding onto things. One of these days you'll take that famous first step and bring a little tear to my eye. My 'Lijah is growing up so fast! In a few weeks we will have your first birthday party! I cannot believe it!

Love you, little man!

Saturday, April 05, 2008

Happy Final Four Weekend ~ 2008

My husband is a happy man! 3 of the 4 teams in the final four are favorites of his! Joy! Joy!

And, if you are wondering why two of the cupcakes say Duke on them, it is because these cupcakes were actually made to celebrate the birthday of one of Duke University's biggest fans!

Friday, April 04, 2008

Just a Playin' in the Rain!!

It has rained for the better part of the last three days! So, today I said, "Enough already!!! Put your raincoats and boots on! We are going outside!" And, that is exactly what we did! We spent Elijah's morning naptime outside playing in the rain!

I love these little guys!

Thursday, April 03, 2008

My Little Pocketful of Joy

JCT is a joy, an absolute joy to parent ~ even if he does throw the occasional temper tantrum ~ in public ~ when everyone is looking ~ but, that is beside the point. . .

Truly, he is a gem, and he melts my heart with ease.

Every night we sing a handful of songs, but we always end with the same two. If JCT takes a nap, he is wide awake when I hold him and sing to him at night. But, if he didn't take a nap, he is always near sleep by the time we sing the last song. He loves to be cradled in my arms instead of being held upright, thus allowing me the joy of watching him drift sweetly into peaceful sleep as I sing to him. And, every night he does the same cute little thing. . .

The song that we sing last begins like this: "Joshua, Mama's precious little boy. James Christofer, you always bring me so much joy. And, I'm so glad God gave my sweet boys to me. . ." JCT can appear to be sound asleep in my arms, but he never fails to come to life when I get to the line with his name in it. Just as I sing, "James Christofer," he takes his fingers out of his mouth, raises his sweet little hand, and with a huge grin says, "That's me!!" And, I choke back giggles as I continue singing, "you always bring me so much joy!"

I love that little man!

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Destressing. . .

I am presently destressing over a cup of coffee at my computer. That is what I am doing, and it is okay for me to be doing this because I have it on my schedule. I have spent the last two to three weeks revamping our family's schedule - or, well, maybe it is my schedule. . .

I like to use bits and pieces of wonderful organizing tips that I get from my family, my friends, and from flylady. I like the whole "Control Journal" idea that flylady has. And, I have a beautifully adorned notebook that I have kept for the past 2 years with the words, "My Control Journal" on the cover. Oh, how I love that sweet little book. The pages of this precious book house my weekly goals, my morning, afternoon, and evening routines, my weekly schedule of basic activities and goals for each day. Just flipping the plastic covered pages brings me some semblence of sanity. I love it. I love to read my goals each morning to keep myself focused and on the same page. My goals include everything from focusing on character issues with the boys to keeping my diaper bag cleaned out to smiling at my children. Wednesday at naptime is my time to declutter and destress. I decluttered earlier this morning, so I am destressing now! How wonderful!

Life has been the norm around here lately. I am behind in some areas and ahead in others. Isn't that how life goes. But, I feel more focused and purposeful than I have in a long time and that feels good. Blogging is one of the things that I am behind on, but I still haven't figured out how it fits into my schedule. Honestly, it doesn't. I am determined to record all our family's memories, etc., so I will have to figure out something. But, at present there is a sticky note in my control journal on the basic weekly schedule page that says, "Where does blogging fit in?"

Speaking of recording memories. . .

Today as I was placing my darling, innocent, littlest son in his carseat, my two older sons decided that it would be fun to relieve themselves in the two flower pots that flank our backdoor. Yes, and then they ran to me to tell me what they had done! I guess they thought I'd be proud? I walked back to the backdoor to assess the situation. And, yes, yes, there was a small puddle in each flower pot. If only I had turned around in time to catch a glimpse (a picture would have been even better) of their little bums exposed, each boy standing in front of a pot. Being a boy mom is certainly a growing experience. Whoa. I am learning new things each day. They never cease to surprise me with the things they think to do.

Okay, already, I am going to go and play a game with the little mister in a Peyton Manning jersey who has approached me 16 zillion times since I began this post. He has poked me, prodded me, balanced himself on my leg, positioned himself between me and the computer, crawled under the legs of my chair, begged me for candy, for a different CD to listen to, asked me to open a Nutri-grain bar, and presently he is laying across the kitchen counter with his face in his hands looking cute and pitiful. And, I am a sucker for him.
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