Thursday, December 30, 2010

Sweetness. . .

My mother is here visiting, and she always takes such good pictures!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Winter Snow

I often make comparisons between my husband and my God. Not because I in any way equate Erik with my Lord, but he is to me a tangible picture of Christ's love for me. And, once years ago I remember watching my husband's strong hands grip a basketball. My husband is a large man, tall and strong, shoulders broad. As I stared at his hands, I thought of the power he held in them. He could snap me in two if he wanted. . .

But, thankfully, he doesn't want to. :-)

Instead he uses his strength to protect me. But, more often than that, he chooses to forego the use of the power he posesses, and he uses his hands to wipe my tears. He carefully, gently holds my little men in his arms. He catches their sweet, naked, wet bodies as I give birth to them. He uses his hands to love us, to caress us. His strength laid aside, he is tender and gentle. And, it is a beautiful thing to me because. . .

it reminds me of my first Love, my sweet Love, my Jesus. The world was waiting. We were needy, hungry, angry, sinful, and soiled. And, God seemed to be silent. He could have come and taken this world by storm. He could have come in power, majesty, and might. He could have come in such a way as to show Who was in control. But, He didn't.

He didn't make a fuss over himself. No earth shatteringly loud trumpets, no splendor, nothing. While the sinful world slept, He came, quietly, peacefully, gently, tenderly as a helpless baby. He slipped into the night, into our world, and into our hearts. And, without fanfare, without a show of strength or power, but instead with a humble cry and a fragile body, He came, and the world. would. never. be. the. same.

Now that is powerful.

I love the song Winter Snow because it says this so much more beautifully than I ever could. This video is of our Christmas 2010. The words of the song are powerful and glorify my God. The pictures are just of us and have little to do with the words of the song. . .

Unless of course, you look at it this way. . .

We have joy, peace, and love filling our home to overflowing. In fact, rarely a day passes, that Erik and I do not look at each other in amazement and say, "We are so blessed." And, the only reason that our home is full of joy and peace and love is because He came as Emmanuel ~ God with us. He lay his strength, power, majesty, and might aside and came in humility ~ naked, wet, and helpless. And, because He is Who He is, a God Who came to us in such a humble and beautiful way, because He wasn't afraid to get dirty or hurt or hung on a cross, because He loved us enough to lay aside all that He is and come as a babe, because of all of this, we can live in a broken, fallen world, and we can have peace. It is all because of Him. It is only through Him. Our hearts are full of thanks today for God's gift, the greatest gift. Can I say His name one more time. . .


Merry Christmas from our home to yours. . .

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Every Shade of Beautiful. . .

I love that as my kids get older I can take my hands off, sit back and watch, and be amazed at their creativity not stifled by my direction. These cookies are a perfect representation of this. I did my best to stand back and watch them decorate however they would like. We didn't stick to traditional Christmas colors or shapes. They were free, within reason, to have fun and create to their hearts' content.

The creative process. . .

And, that makes this year's cookies the most beautiful ever to me!!!

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Baby, Baby...

I am going to stop for a moment, take a deep breath, and focus my thoughts on little old you.

My sweet smallest one, I'm crazy about you already. You are 20 weeks and 3 days old, about 7 in, 11 oz. ~ according to the What to Expect app on my phone. Joshua grabs my phone and checks up on your growth at least once a week. This week the app compares your size to the size of a banana. So, Joshua grabbed a banana and put it up to my tummy. He is a great big brother, and he is so excited about your life. We are all happy about your joining in our fun!

Your Daddy and I talked about you for nearly an hour last night. We dreamed about what it will be like to have you with us. We made tentative plans for our family of 7. My sweet little surprise, we are so glad God chose to give you to us. Your Daddy puts his hands on my belly at night before he drifts off to sleep. He feels your soft kicks, and he prays for you.

All four of your brothers ask about you. They are always happy to welcome a new little one. I am excited to do the whole thing over again with you. I am excited to hold you little and to watch you grow right before my eyes. I am excited to hear your squeaks and coos. I am excited to see your first smile and hear your first little rolling belly laugh. And, then one day you will pull yourself up, and then you will take a step or two. And, when you do these things, four little boys will cheer for you, and your mama, well, she might just cry a tear or two, but she, too, will be excited for you!

I love you, my little one.

I've been doing this long enough to know that no two are alike. There may be similarities between you and one or two of your brothers, but you will be a unique little one created by a BIG God Who has great plans to use your life for His glory. I cannot wait to see the creativity of my God as it manifests itself in your sweet individuality.

Today, I wonder and I dream of you and who God will make you to be. But, one day I will know you like the back of my hand. I will know your likes, your loves, what makes you smile and laugh, what inspires you, and what makes your sweet little heart tick. I will know you and love you well ~ this is my prayer.

You do not have perfect parents or brothers. We are not the smartest, most beautiful, most athletic, most organized, or most patient, but we love with big, full hearts.

And, I think you will grow well here.

We welcome you, sweet one.

With open arms, we wait for you. . . patiently.

Godspeed, sweetness, Godspeed. . .

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Low Key Week

That has been the central theme for this week ~ "low key." This week has been a gift. I have next week to worry about getting ready for the holidays and all our class/church parties were last week. So, this week has been a slow moving, easy going week. We have done a very small amount of school this week ~ just the priorities ~ making it easy for the boys to be done by lunch. Nap time, for those of us too old to nap, has been spent playing games or exploring the cold outdoors (not me on the last one!). I have spent nap time curled up with one of the following three items ~ a book, my journal, or my computer. I am such a nerd, but I love it!!!!

My boys are presently laughing hysterically at jokes I do not "get" while eating ice cream with chopped up pieces of candy cane oreos mixed in for fun!! Guess who gave them that idea???Yummy! :-)

Pics from a cozy week at home with little boys. . .

Yesterday morning we made Cinnamon Applesauce Ornaments. . .

Here they are ready to go in the oven. . .

Each day as soon as the little boys fall asleep, we turn on the fireplace and enjoy its warmth!!

Isn't twister so fun. . .
Sweet friends. . .
And, candy land. . .
And, yes, they are still in pjs!!! A couple of days this week the boys opted to stay in pjs until the afternoon, but not their mama!! She is dressed and ready by 7 every morning. What a nice, lazy week we have had!!!

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Peace on Earth

What a wonderful Sunday this has turned out to be!! A little after 8:00 this morning, I looked out and noticed snowflakes!! I grabbed sweet Lijah who has been praying for snow since summer and showed him what the cold north wind was carrying to us! Then, I grabbed my cell phone to text Deana B and tell her, but before I could push send, she sent me a text announcing the winter weather!! The boys got dressed and ready for church then headed out the backdoor to play for a few minutes!
They were so pleased!!!!!

When they came inside to get warm, we celebrated with marshmallows and Candy Cane flavored Oreos.

I have fallen in love with Candy Cane Oreos!! I went for a mid week trip last week to Wal-Mart to pick up a few necessities and came home with three bags of Candy Cane Oreos!!! Erik asked if I got milk. I said that I didn't know we needed milk. He walked to the fridge to show me that we had less than half of a half gallon. Then, he said, "You mean to tell me that you went to Wal-Mart and came home with 3 things of Candy Cane Oreos, but you forgot to buy milk???" Oops. Guilty. . . and happily so!! :-)

Now here I sit, curled up in a very quiet house ~ husband and two littles napping, big boys playing at a friend's home. I am watching snowflakes blow about in my backyard and sipping cider!! The hardest thing about this afternoon was deciding what hot drink I wanted to sip ~ coffee, cider, or hot chocolate!!! We've yet to hit 30 degrees today and the wind is bitter!! I'm so happy. I hit Erik up again this morning to move me a little farther north ~ Kentucky or North Carolina, but he ignored my request. Oh, well! I'll take what I can get!!! I'm soaking it in today!!!

My heart is heavy for a family here in our little town. Word got out last week that a little cancer survivor who was at Joshua's elementary school last year has been diagnosed once again. This is her third time, and the tumor is near her brain. As we sang I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day this morning at church I couldn't help but tear up as I thought of her ~ little girl with such a big diagnosis.

"And in despair I bowed my head: 'There is no peace on earth' I said, 'For hate is strong, and mocks the song of peace on earth good will to men.'"

"And, mocks the song of peace on earth good will to men!" How true in our world today! But, I love the next verse's answer to the previous verse's despair! It replies,

"Then pealed the bells more loud and deep: 'God is not dead, nor doth He sleep; the wrong shall fail, the right prevail, with peace on earth, good will to men.'"

I nearly shouted the part in bold above as I sang this morning. I, somehow, wanted the world to hear it!!

And, so I have been thinking. . . is there peace on earth, can it be? Or, is it impossible? Maybe we will never truly have peace on earth as a whole, but individually I do believe we can have peace. This world will be full of trials and hard times, but our Prince of Peace says, "Take heart, for I have overcome the world." I am praying his sweet peace over this little girl and her family right now.

I am planning a week of peace for my little ones this week. I am refusing worry. We will work slowly and peacefully and enjoy the moment, each and every one of them!! We will do happy Christmas things as well as our basic studies ~ focusing primarily on math and grammar/phonics. I am looking forward to a more laid back week. Excelsior ended for the semester with a Christmas party last week. The kids were studying Tchaikovsky, so they got to watch a version of the Nutcracker and eat yummy Christmas goodies. They had a fun day. We also did the Christmas party thing at church last week, so now things seem to be a bit more calm! I am looking forward to sticking close to home and enjoying time with my little men!! The first of this week will be very cold, and so I am having visions of coffee cups, board games, puzzles, and lots of books!! This is pure peace to me!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

My Little Snowflake. . .

He is preciously and perfectly unique just like a snowflake!!!

And, I love him with all my heart!

We had icing in the house today!! I haven't made icing or cake or cupcakes in quite some time, so the boys were very, very happy!!! :-)

Yummy!! :-)

Christmas Card Attempts. . .

We always wait until the last minute to take our family Christmas pictures which means we end up using a tripod and our camera's timer. The results are never perfect, but, hey, neither are we! So, I always feel we end up with a good representation of our family at the stage of life we are in!

Our family lit the advent candle this past Sunday at church, so I thought it would be a good time to take the picture. Lighting the advent candle was so fun! I was so proud of my little ducks all in a row!!! And, thankfully, we didn't burn the church down!!! Erik walked in front holding the flame, Joshua a few steps behind him, JCT a few steps behind him, Elijah a few steps behind him, and then I brought up the back holding Eriky! It was a proud mama moment to watch my little men walking all in line. I still can't believe God has given me four little men!!! I never would have dreamed! God is so sweet!!

I digress. . . So, I knew that we would be in our Sunday best, and this would be our best opportunity for a picture. We came home, set up the tripod and timer, and sat down in front of the fireplace. The results. . .

Missing someone. . .

There he is. . .Too serious ~ not a true representation of us. . .I asked Erik to voom in a little closer. . .The next two pictures I absolutely love because they are so true to life!!!!
I think this one is my favorite. . .

The chosen one. . .

Look closely, do you see it? Something (someone) is missing!! Right there just behind JCT, under Erik's left arm. . . There is room enough, and there is most definitely love enough for one more!!! Can't wait to fill in that little hole next Christmas!

Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Melting Snowball

Sadly, we do not get enough snow around here to satisfy my silly snow-loving heart. But, thankfully, it does get cold enough to allow me the privilege of celebrating winter from time to time!! And, yesterday the high was 41. I never actually saw the temp rise above the 30's, but I'm sure it did for an hour or two in the mid afternoon. So, we celebrated with melting snowballs. . .

The boys loved watching the ice cream melt into their hot chocolate, but even more, they loved drinking it!!! :-) I love celebrating cold weather with warm treats!!! :-)

Thursday, December 02, 2010

A Text Mess!!!!

So, yesterday evening, after a long day, I wrote this text to my sweet husband. . .

"You know that thong you clean your ears with, yeah, bring yourself a new one home. P.S. The ear cleaner will not work to unlock the bathroom door, the bathroom that houses the plunger, that bathroom. Therefore, I am unable to unstop the stopped up toilet and this pg (pregnant) mama is having to go upstairs to potty. Your sons opt for the backyard."

This is all fine and well. It is a relatively normal text for me, anyway. Only problem is that after I pushed send I realized that I sent the text to Joshua's choir teacher who I had recently texted to ask what they were going to be doing during choir that evening (caroling, Christmas party, etc. ~ I couldn't remember the plan?). So, I gasped! And, as quick as I could, I grabbed my phone and typed this text in. . .

"Oh, funny - totally meant that for Erik!!!!!! :-) Sorry, you got a glimpse into my crazy life!!! Maybe it made you smile or be thankful for your calm life!!!!!!"

I pushed send as fast as my little fingers could, and then I waited. . .

and waited. . .

No response.

So, I thought, "Take a deep breath, Erin, reread the text. Maybe it isn't so unusual or crazy. Maybe she just shrugged and thought nothing of it."

It is during this rereading of the text that I realized that I misspelled the word "thing" and typed the word "thong" instead. Could it get any worse???? So, once again, as fast as I could type, I texted her again. . .

"And Erik doesn't use a thong to clean his ears!! I meant thing!! I'll never get used to this stinking new phone!!!!!"

I pushed send and waited. . .

and waited. . .

At this point I broke a sweat!!!

No response.


And, I am very, very uncomfortable with silence ~ just ask my husband. :-) So, I felt compelled to explain myself. . .

"Long story short ~ Elijah locked one of our downstairs bathrooms. Then, later Joshua and JCT took turns pooping in our other downstairs bathroom and stopped it up, but the plunger is in the locked bathroom which I can't find the key for. And, all day I have tried to pick the lock with everything that I can think of including my husband's very beloved ear pick! There you go! Again, sorry!!!!! :-)"

Again, silence. But, this time at least I felt that I had done all that I could do ~ including laugh so hard that I cried a puddle!! :-)

Finally, sweet Lori (Thankfully, she has a great sense of humor!) text me back!!! Hurray!! This is the sweet girl who used to kid me when I got pregnant for the 4th time in 5 years that I needed to "Lock the door! And, when he knocks, do not let him in!!!" First thing she said when she saw me after word got out about baby number 5 was, "You let him in!!!! I warned you not to let him in!!!" I love her. She's great! Anyway, she said. . .

"Well I was just getting ready to text you and check on the thong thing. Maybe thats why you stay pg! I have laughed for a while. You are so funny."

Later I found out that she was driving to church (she lives out a little bit) and just kept receiving my texts and laughing. . . .

I texted her back. . .

"Glad I could make you laugh!" :-)

It seems I say that last a lot these days!! Oh, me, it's just another day around here. . .

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Wintery Day!

The last two days the clouds have been so thick and so white that I really thought they looked as though they could produce snow! Oh, glorious thought!!! We get very little snow where we live, and this upsets me greatly because I really, really love the white powdery stuff!!! But, even though I know very well that snow will not fall with temps in the 40's, the clouds let me dream for a minute or two. . . It has been so wintery looking outside lately, and that has made my home seem all the more warm!!!

The pool storage house not looking so poolish. . .

This morning was pure bliss! Little boys immersed in their studies, littler boys playing, Rain resting, laundry washing, dishwasher humming, James Taylor singing Christmas carols, and warm coffee in my cup!! I felt so cozy and content that I made the boys an extra special 10:00 snack ~ brownies with snow sprinkled on top!!!

I wanted to take a second to answer a couple questions. I apologize that it has taken me this long! Kimberly asked me what we let our boys say when they are disappointed. And, I really don't know the answer to that!! I'll have to pay attention! I know that I say, "Oh, my goodness!!!" all the time or " Oh, my!!!" So, I imagine they repeat those two a good bit!! And, maybe they say, "Oh, man!" But, that is all I can think of?? And, Tyna asked about my sweet Rain!! Rain had a huge, as you could see by the size of his scar, lipoma (fatty tumor) under a muscle flap by his front left leg. The vet feared it would impede his ability to walk if we waited and continued to let it grow, so out it came!!! And, he is being well taken care of here! Lots of little boys wanting to give him lots of doggie treats!!!

JCT put Lije down for his nap today. He read to him and tucked him in, but Lije wanted his mama to sing!!!! It was so sweet to watch!!!!

Oh, and if you noticed that JCT is still wearing PJ's at naptime, it is because the boys declared today PJ day!!! So, they have worn their PJ's all day!! Harmless silliness!! :-)

I have been letting Lije nap in my bed because, well, just because. . . Anyway, aren't kids so adorably sweet when they are asleep!! Like angels!!!

Still sucking his fingers and twisting his hair in his sleep!!! Love that little guy!!!

While he slept the big boys and I finished up their schoolwork, and then they headed out to play on the back porch. After 30 or so minutes, they came in with freezing cold fingers which they, of course, place upon my neck and back like their good father taught them to do. I offered their cold hands a warm cup of hot chocolate with marshmallows ~ the first this season! You would have thought I'd offered them the moon! Oh, the excitement!!!!


And, I have to put this last picture in because I know that I won't get to look upon such sweetness forever. . .

One day he will spell out, "I love Janie" or "Becky" or Sarah Rachel" or some other sweet young thing's name. I realize my time as Queen Mama is limited!! But, I am soaking it up while I can!!!!!!!

My house is such a mess, but my heart is so, so, so content!!!!!!! :-)

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Thankful Monday

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving full of fun and energy and peace all wrapped up into one big happy package!!! We celebrated with Erik's brother, Jason, Jen, and their sweet family ~ 10 children total (This number includes the wee one in my belly who made no noise but did kick a bit to let me know that he/she, too, wanted to be part of the fun!) As always, I regret that I didn't take pictures, but there is always so much going on that playing photographer seems to fall to the waste side!

The kids had a blast with their cousins. God has been so sweet to our families. We feel so blessed. Jen and I met and quickly united ourselves in college prior to falling in love with our precious brother husbands. So, the whole idea that we are raising cousins floors us from time to time! Our children are stairsteps ~ all very close in age. Last week before we left to visit them, James Christofer announced, "Joshua's friend is Caleb. My friend is Katey. Elijah's friend is Abby. Erik Daniel's friend is Ella. And, our new baby's friend will be Noah (my new one month old, cute, little nephew.) When JCT said this, my heart nearly burst!! Such a blessing!!

So, today, I am extra thankful for so many things!!!

* I am thankful for rich conversations while sipping coffee and listening to the coos and squeaks of a newborn.

* I am thankful for the frost that welcomed us home the morning after we returned from Florida. And, as Erik said when he looked out the window and saw the frost and the bare trees which lost their leaves in our absence, "Winter came while we were away!" I am thankful for changing seasons ~ especially since the end of fall means Christmas is coming!!!!!

* I am thankful that God is ever patient with me ~ refining me and growing me in ways that I never anticipated.

* I am thankful to feel refreshed and ready to go again at least for another 3 weeks, then it is break time again!!! Hurray!! :-)

* I am thankful for the way Christmas decor makes a home feel so warm and cozy. . .

* I am thankful for a God Who is just plain BIG. Who cannot be placed in a box or understood by anyone no matter how learned he is.

* I am thankful that Rain is back home and healthy. He had surgery while we were away for Thanksgiving. Elijah took one look at his boo boo's and melted into a puddle of tears. He prayed tonight that Rain would "get his body back." He loves that dog so much!! Here is a picture of his biggest boo boo. . .

Bless his heart!!! We are babying him around here! I think he is glad to be back home in his room and on his big, soft bed!!!

The vet said he was surprised at how quickly Rain bounced back after surgery! He may be 12.5 years old, but he still acts like a puppy!!! We are so thankful for our Rain dog!!!!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Aunt Barbara's Painting

Erik's Aunt Barbara painted this beautiful picture for Erik's dad in memory of Erik's mom. It is so precious to all of us.

The picture is of Erik's Dad's coffee cup sitting beside his mom's tea cup, Bible, and glasses. Erik's dad is so proud of his picture as he should be. It is beautiful and so very special.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

The Kids that Call you Mom. . .

One day last week Joshua handed me this note with a large glass of ice he had gotten for me (I eat ice like crazy when I'm pregnant). . .

The "Go" and the arrow were meant to tell me to flip the note over. When I flipped it over, I read this. . .

Oh, my! My heart melts into a puddle every time I read it!!! I do not deserve these sweet boys!!!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

A Day Off. . .

We took today off :-) ~ our first day off since we began school in August ~ except for weekends, of course!

I wasn't planning to take today off. It wasn't in the plan. I made lesson plans for Monday and Tuesday of this week. But, yesterday the boys hit me up for it. "The public schools are out all week! Can we be out, too, please???" So, I told them I'd consider it and let them know in the morning. Last night I sat in bed staring at my lesson plan debating how important each item on my list was. And, then, I decided that, yes, we would, in fact, take the whole week off!!!! When they asked me at breakfast this morning what I had decided, I told them my decision and watched as Joshua gave JCT a thumbs up and JCT gave one back to his big brother. Then, they ate happily, making plans for their day!

And, oh, my, am I enjoying myself!! We took it easy this morning. The boys didn't dress until nearly 10:00 which is unheard of in this early rising home of ours. I sipped my coffee and watched them play. I did four loads of laundry and am now sitting peacefully at my computer.

The boys are outside playing ~ all except Erik Daniel who is still napping. I can see my little men out the window playing and jumping on the trampoline with the woods of fall as a backdrop. And, my heart is so full. I love the simplicity of having young children. They are not coming and going, in and out, busy, busy. We are home most of the time, together. And, we love it here. Home is a good place. Home is a big yard with lots of room for little boys to run. Home is a safe place to learn and grow. Home is warm cookies ~ fresh from the oven. Home is brothers, built in playmates, to play with all day and to giggle in bed with at night. Home is a mom who loves her little men so much her heart overflows on a regular basis. Home is a strong, wise Daddy who knows how to laugh and play with the best of them. Home is a place where we are encouraged, challenged, loved, held close, and whispered loving words regularly.

It has been a peaceful, rich day. The only "school" we did today was curl up on the couch and read!!! I am so glad they talked me into taking these days off. I may have to take my sweet friend's advice and schedule one or two of these into every month!!! They are good for my soul!!

A Man and His Dog. . .

I was busy switching a load of laundry when curious James came running into the kitchen from the schoolroom.

"Mom, what is Mr. Cole doing??? He is outside with a huge pile of dirt! I think he is digging!!"

My heart sank. I knew exactly what he was doing.

Bruno, Mr. Cole's fourteen year old sidekick Labrador, had died the morning before. Bruno has stood stately and proper on Mr. Cole's front porch everyday since we moved here ten years ago. We all loved him. Mr. Cole walked him twice a day, everyday ~ rain or shine. You could set your clock by those walks. He would bark every evening at about 5:00 when Mr. Coles' truck neared the final turn onto our road. He would greet his owner with barks and excitement ~ anticipating his evening stroll. We'll miss Bruno.

I walked to the window and looked out, and, sure enough, there stood Mr. Cole with a shovel working alone. My heart sank. I grabbed a handful of flowers from a vase on my bar, put Joshua in charge, and headed out the door.

(The flowers were from an altar bouquet Erik bought in memory of his mother. I know she smiled as she saw me getting one more use out of them before they died. She was ultra practical like that! :-)

As I walked out of the house, I was struck by the beauty of this warm autumn day ~ the sun was shining, the trees were bright with color. And, there stood Mr. Cole, shovel in hand, working. He was burying Bruno in the shade of several large oaks. As I walked I listened to the leaves crunch under my feet and wondered exactly what to say to him. By this time, I was teary thinking about a man saying goodbye to his faithful friend.

As I approached him, he smiled at me. Mr. Cole, I think, smiles in his sleep. In the ten years I have known him, I have never seen him without his smile. It is his natural expression. We talked for a few minutes. He showed me the box he built for Bruno. My heart hurt. I handed him the flowers. He assured me he would place them on top after he finished. Then, I ran back home to my boys.

They were concerned about Mr. Cole.

"Was he crying?"

"Is he sad, Mommy?"

Then, Joshua asked for a piece of paper and a pencil. And, I knew what for, sweet son of mine. I gave it to him, and a few minutes later, he handed me this. . .

He knows how Mr. Cole "fills." I thought that was so sweet. No doubt, he was thinking of his Grandma in heaven with Jesus. So, later that day we took Mr. Cole some peanut butter brownies with chocolate buttercream icing and Joshua's note. Just our way of letting him know that we are thinking of him.

There is just something about a man and his dog.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Our Fall Door. . .

I ran outside one day last week to take a picture of our home with the fall leaves behind the house, etc. And, I had to get a picture of my four little pumpkins' pumpkins!!!

This is what our front door looked like last week...

I haven't taken pictures, but we put up our Christmas decorations yesterday!!!! I think the day you put up Christmas decorations is one of the most fun days of the year! We cranked up the Christmas music and hung greenery, decorated the tree, etc. I will miss fall!! It has, once again, left us too quickly!!!! Today is windy, and the leaves are falling like rain with each big gust! It is beautiful, but I will miss the pretty colors of fall as the cool hues of winter are just around the corner. But, there is good in that as well!!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

The Everyday. . .

My stairsteps. . .

This time of year is heavenly to me. Thanksgiving is still to come, and Christmas is right around the corner! The cold weather is cozy and peaceful and calms my anxious heart. And, for some reason, maybe it is because I was so completely in over my head last week, this week is so peaceful and easy. Each day it seems that I actually have time to do all of the important things. Last week I couldn't even get the clean washed wet clothes into the dryer to dry!!! It was pure chaos, and I am so grateful for the reprieve this week is.

I don't know if anyone out there wonders what it is like in our house, but I thought I'd put a few pics that I have taken over the last two weeks ~ a glimpse into our everyday. I have had some serious ups and downs with homeschooling this year. But, I have come to a place of peace. . . finally. At first I tried a little too hard. I pushed a little too hard. I stressed a little too much. We haven't taken a single day off since school started. Even when the public schools were off, we kept right on studying. They handled it well, but it wore me out and made me miserable. So, we have slowed our pace slightly. I am learning to relax and trust God where I am inadequate. I have bumped down some of the extras and bumped up the things we enjoy like reading together. I think I will really enjoy homeschooling during the fall/winter months. Cuddling up with books, singing carols, making cookies and crafts, and sipping hot cider and hot chocolate with a few of my favorite people. Oh, and a big thanks to my sweet homeschool friends, you know who you are, that encouraged me to slow down and make these days rich. My children thank you!!!! :-)

So, without further ado, some pics from everyday life here in our little corner of the world. . .

One day my sweet little men decided it would be superhero day. So, they dressed up and remained dressed for the day. I had to refer to them as Superman, etc. They had fun with it. They said it was Superhero School.

I like to use my older kids to help teach the younger. I think I was stuffing lunch into my face while Joshua quizzed JCT on his phonograms. . . I mean while Superman quizzed Wolverine. . .

This picture was taken one rainy day. We did school on the back porch with intermittent breaks for little boys to play in the rain. . .

This makes my heart get that warm fuzzy feeling. . .

We took our reading tee pee outside one day last week for lunch. . .
Joshua and I have found that math is much more bearable when done with chips and salsa. . .
And this, also, warms my heart ~ Elijah and Rain. Elijah loves Rain. He really, really loves Rain. He sits and pets him. He looks for him first thing in the morning and tells him that he missed him during the night. And, you know what? I think old Rain kinda likes my Lije, too. Mr. Lije is pretty hard to resist!!!!

And, last but not least, we turned on the fireplace for the first time today!!! I put the little boys down for naps and flipped the switch. I left the big boys downstairs with books to read, Alli Rogers Christmas music playing, and a fire in the fireplace. Now that is my kind of reading environment!!!! I came downstairs, little ones tucked in bed, made a pot of coffee, and snuggled in next to JCT on the couch! It is easy to be thankful this time of year!!!
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Hi! I live in a sweet country home overflowing with love, laughter, and little ones. I have been blessed to journey these days beside a man that I love, respect, and admire. He is my soul-mate and best friend. Together we are seeking to raise our seven children to be lovers of God, to be wise and discerning, and to be all that our sweet God created them to be. I am in the goldfish and cheerio stage of life, but I am keenly aware that these days are slipping right through my hands. This blog is my attempt to keep our memories safe for years to come.


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