Monday, October 25, 2010


It's my birthday!

#1 Okay, now on to a few matters of business. Bloglines is going out of business, and I have been in complete denial for two months. Now I have less than a week to move my list to another blogkeeper, and I am so very sad about all of this. Words do not do it justice. I simply love Bloglines, and I am so unhappy about their decision to close down shop. A friend told me about Google reader, but even she misses Bloglines. What will I do? I'm not blogsavvy enough to know how to put them in my sidebar. Therefore, I am stuck. :-(

#2 Vicky asked about making soap. I hate answering this question. Several moms oohhhed and ahhhed over my soap last Friday, and I had to be completely honest with them. What we did was too easy. We went to hobby lobby, bought glycerin, melted it, added various fragrances, added dyes, poured them into molds, added herbs, let the molds harden for one hour, and then popped them out of the molds. Easy, breezy!!

#3 I am updating to add this because it is soooo important!!!! My sweet friend Nichole introduced me to what might just be my absolute new favorite thing!!!! Probably all of my computer savvy friends already know about this site, but I didn't, and it is changing my world!! Okay, slight exaggeration, but, seriously, I love it!! Nichole has four boys similar ages to mine, and I noticed that she was playing music similar to the kind of music I play constantly at my home ~ calm, melancholy music. So, I said, "I love your music, what is the name of the group??" She said, "I don't know. It is Pandora radio. Let's go look." So, she walked over to her computer and looked at the screen and told me the name of the artist playing. She was blown away that I didn't know about Pandora, and, thankfully, she was more than excited to enlighten me. It seems, unbeknownst to me that you can create your own radio station on Pandora's website, completely free. It only plays music that you like ~ how awesome! So, you go to their site, name an artist that you really like, and they find other artists who play similar music and create a radio station just for you with your favorite artist and artist similar to him/her. So, I put in Alli Rogers, and my, oh, my, oh, my, if I have not discovered 50 new artists/songs that I love!!! I am constantly saying, "Joshua, hold your math question. I'll get back to you in one second! I've got to see who is singing this amazing song!!!!!" I'm loving my radio station!

Erik created one, but I do not listen to his station because he put in Toby Mac as his artist. And, I can only handle so much loudness and energy in my house during the day!! Though I do love Toby when I'm cleaning or organizing or doing something that I need a little extra pep in my step!!! But, for everyday life, I like Fernando Ortega, Alli Rogers, and all my new favorites ~ thanks to Pandora!! The only catch is that every so often you have to listen to a 15 second commercial. But, I'll be honest I rarely notice them. I highly recommend this!!!!

I think that is it!! I really hope to begin posting my weekly menu and thankful list on Mondays. But, not this Monday, maybe I'll get my act together and start next Monday. I've got a few real life lists I must make and a few real life tangles to untangle before the nappers come to, so I gotta run!!!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

His Own Little Man. . .

He is his own little man, my James Christofer Truett. Yes, sir, he is!

Erik snapped this quick picture of JCT and some of the rest of his little choir group as they were getting positioned on stage. They were singing during our Sunday evening service which is very casual, but JCT insisted he wear his "preacher suit." I tried, at first, to talk him out of it, but then I decided why not?? You can't see it in the picture, but he wore his black converse high tops with his "preacher suit." He has his own unique style.

Joshua and Erik ran their second 5k together yesterday (Race for the Cure). They both really enjoy running together. They ran again this morning before the sun was fully up. It is starting to bother JCT. He wants to be part of the fun. I couldn't tell Saturday if he was upset because he missed out on running with his brother and his dad or whether he was just jealous that they got free Yoplait, and he had none??

Bless his heart, he just can't keep up. Erik keeps encouraging him, telling him when he can run 3 miles without stopping to walk, then he can run a race with them. So, this afternoon he decided to practice running. Daddy mapped out a track in the yard and timed him. He ran without stopping for 20 minutes and 30 seconds!! Go, little man! I was inside piddling on the computer while JCT ran circles on the make believe track.

JCT came bursting through the back door, "I did it mom! I ran 2 miles without stopping! I'm getting better!" I encouraged him, told him how I proud I was of him, etc. Then, he promptly asked for "leg medicine ~ the purple kind" because his leg muscles were sore! I gave him some Tylenol. Then, he grabbed our most current Eastbay catalog, and began searching for some running shoes.

Because, after all, he is now officially a runner. So, he needed some blue running shoes, no doubt the most expensive ones Eastbay sells.

Oh, and when I put him to bed tonight, he looked at me with his big green eyes and announced, "Mommy, next time I sing in front of the church I'd like to wear my Elvis suit." His white Elvis suit ~ complete with rhinestones and glitter ~ 100% appropriate ~ as long as they are singing How Great Thou Art.

I love my little man!!

The Pumpkin Patch ~ 2010

Last Wednesday we met a some friends from our co-op at the pumpkin patch, and it was so much fun!! First, the boys spent some time jumping in the bouncy thingys. Erik Daniel loved jumping, and Elijah loved the sliding!!

Then, it was off to meet the animals. Here are some cute kiddos enjoying the trailer ride to the big red barn full of farm animals!

And, here is sweet Mama Meagan with Mobley. I tend to drool over Mobley because he is beyond cute. He still has a wrinkly back, and there is not a thing in the world cuter than a baby with a wrinkly back ~ not one single thing. Meagan is such a gentle and sweet mama. A few Fridays ago I mentioned to her that Erik had to go to an away game that night. And, I knew I liked her when she responded this way, "Ahhhh. . . Put the kids to bed at 8:00 and put on a pot of coffee!!!!"

Erik Daniel was in animal heaven!!! He loved the animals. He pet them, fed them, and squealed uncontrollably at them!!!! He is my animal loving boy.

The kids took turns milking the "cow."

Then, they ran through a hay maze which I renamed an allergic person's worst nightmare!!!!

Then, we were off to the pumpkin patch. . .

Many of the pumpkins were still on the vine.

The boys picked out their pumpkins and headed back to the trailer.

My boys love Miles. . .

The boys were worn out when we left! They had a blast ~ playing, laughing, and running!! Miles told me that he was going to go home and "dissect" his pumpkin!!! :-) He's a cutie!

I just love fall, pumpkins, and farms! And, the boys love having "their" pumpkins. I let Erik Daniel run free this year, and he did great. He had so much fun running around the pumpkin patch picking out his very own pumpkin. This was the first year that he has gotten to be one of the big boys, and he really enjoyed himself! It was a good day.

Friday, October 22, 2010

Losing. It./ Craziness/Making PB and Soap!!

Yes, those are underwear behind the boys in this picture. Not sure who they belong to or why they are not on, but they are there nonetheless. . .

I may just start doing one weekly post with a crazy amount of unrelated and unorganized information. I just do not have time to post anymore!!! When will there be less to do??? When??


That's when.

It hit me when I was nursing Erik Daniel one time. I think he was 4 months or so at the time. And, I was thinking about how one day Erik and I would be alone, and life would once again be calm and organized. Then, it hit me.

About the time Erik Daniel leaves for college, Joshua could be getting married. And, that means grandkiddos are just around the corner. And, multiply granddolls by four kids (now five).

And, basically. . .

I'll be busy for the rest of my life.

Isn't it great???

Okay, so anyway, this week, oh, this week. . . It was a serious of roller coaster like ups and downs. This baby has me acting like an emotional basketcase. I've always been close to being an emotional basketcase, but this pregnancy has totally pushed me over the edge. I'm not nauseated anymore. No, now I am just plain crazy. Take for example this conversation. . . Joshua and I were discussing WWII because it came up for some random unschool-related reason. Of course, he wanted to know who won and how. So, I was honest. I told him that we did, and I added that we won by dropping bombs on the Japanese. Immediately images of Hiroshima and Nagasaki flooded my mind. His response was, "Cool!!" To which I quickly snapped, "No, it was not cool. It was awful!!!" Then, the tears came like a flood. "Mom, are you crying??" he asked. "Yes, I'm crying!!!" Then, he asked, "Why are you crying?" And, all I could say, and I blubbered it over and over like a complete lunatic, "I'm crying because it was an awful war, an awful, awful, terrible war. It was horrible, just horrible." I saw images of the Holocaust in my mind. WWII was an awful thing, but normally I wouldn't cry about it. I'm nearly convinced that I am losing it, ever so slowly, ever so surely. . . I. am. losing. it.

And, in other news, Rain puked one morning this week. He puked all over the kitchen floor just as I was getting to a good part in our read aloud. Then a couple hours later I was doing math with Joshua when Erik Daniel waltzed into the schoolroom naked. I thought to myself, "Self, when you finish this last point, go put a diaper on your youngest son." And, as soon as I said this to myself, Eriky turned to waltz back into the kitchen, and his naked bottom was covered in brown. So, I said to myself, "Self, you can go over this last point in a minute. You must first catch brown-bottomed child." So, I chased his cute little brown buns into the other room, assessed the damages, found the dirty diaper with my dog's nose in it, carried said child at great distance from my body to nearest changing station, cleaned his backside, and diapered him.

And, this, friends, this is my life.

Every. day.

It isn't pretty, but it is fun!!!

They make me laugh so hard! Take for instance, one day this week we were reviewing our composer for this month. I had the computer open to play various versions of Brahm's Lullaby that the boys' art/music teacher recommended. I turned the music on, and then I went to warm up a late lunch of leftover lasagna for myself. A few minutes later I turned around to see this. . .

Totally faking sleep! I laughed out loud!! They are such characters!

And, let's see what else happened this week? Oh, yes, I walked out of the school room to find that Erik Daniel decided it was about time I clean out my basket of magazines!! I couldn't even walk to my bedroom! They were everywhere!!! And, guess what? I scooted them to the side and left them there for 2 days! Erik said something about them being kind of in the way, and I said, "I'll get to them Thursday. Can't do it today, sorry!" I know my limitations!

Now the real news of the week is that we made soap and peanut butter. Both were tons of fun and much easier than I anticipated. Here are the pics. . .

And, for lunch we had. . .

We were a soapmaking factory this week!! So fun!!!

I don't have a picture of our finished soap!!! It was part of the boys' science project for Excelsior, and I won't get them back until next week. (They are studying Botany, and the soaps were made with various herbs. It is sciencey, I promise! Well, sort of, anyway!! :-) I'll try to remember to take pictures next week!

And, that pretty much sums up the week. Oh, except for the pumpkin patch, but I'll post that separately when I have more time!!! And, I forgot, I went to the doctor today and heard my little one's heartbeat on the doppler!!! Thank You, Jesus, for a strong heartbeat!!! :-) I'm off!!!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Joshua' First 5K

Before the race. . .Lining up. . .
Joshua has been running with Erik off and on for a year or so now, but this was his first race experience. He had fun! And, so did I! JCT, Lije, and I saw them off and then headed to the heart of our small town's fall festival in search of a nutritious breakfast. . .

We thought this would do. . .

The boys very first funnel cake experience! Needless to say, they loved it!
As I waited for the man to make our funnel cake, I took in the sights and sounds of small town festival! I could smell the funnel cake cooking, and they had Johnny Cougar Mellencamp playing. It took me back. . . Way, way back. . .

But, then Erik Daniel started getting restless, and I quickly came back to the reality that I am not a small town teenage girl anymore! I am a mom x 5!!! How did that happen???

So, Erik and Joshua came in one right after the other. Here is Erik. . .

And, look at my little runner of a son!!!!! He never quit, never stopped to walk! He ran the entire 3 miles like a champ. They had 27 minute, ?? second time!!! So, so good for a first run!!!! Yay! Go Joshua!

I'm beaming with pride, little man!!!!

Friday, October 15, 2010

Beautiful The Mess We Are

I listened to a new song today ~ thanks to a sweet friend. And, I think I ended up listening to it a total of 45 times ~ give or take a time or two. And, I cry every single time. Not because it is sad. It isn't a sad song at all. In fact, at one point as I was driving my boys to the park listening and crying, I thought, "You know, Erin, you really ought to analyze this and figure out exactly what it is that makes you cry when you hear this song." So, I began to really think about it...

First the song ~ Better Than a Hallelujah (Amy Grant)

"God loves a lullaby in a mother's tears in the dead of night better than a Hallelujah sometimes. God loves a drunkard's cry, the soldier's plea not to let him die better than a Hallelujah sometimes. . .

We pour out our miseries, God just hears a melody. Beautiful the mess we are, the honest cries of breaking hearts are better than a Hallelujah sometimes.

A woman holding on for life, a dying man giving up the fight are better than a Hallelujah sometimes. Tears of shame for what's been done. The silence when the words won't come are better than a Hallelujah sometimes ~ better than a church bell ringing, better than a choir singing out, singing out..."

I've lived most of my life shouting Hallelujah. I've always been the early morning riser ~ rising to pray and spend focused time with God. I have read through the Bible and studied his word so hard. I've memorized scripture, sometimes by the chapter, and I've spent countless hours attempting to do the "right" things. I made a checklist in my head in high school of things to do and not to do, and I lived by it like a Nazi.

But, somewhere along the way, somewhere between child 3 and child 4, I lost control. Suddenly, I became too tired to wake up at 5 every morning. And, suddenly, I found myself in a Beth Moore Bible study with, gasp ~ the horror, my homework not completed, my verses not memorized. And, I can't remember where certain verses, certain major, important, life-altering verses, are located. And, worst of all, I'm losing a temper that I never even knew I had!!!!!! I thought I was such a sweet, good girl!! What has become of me???? I don't even know this girl!!

Call it insecurity, but I like to prove my love to those I love. That is why I breathe, "I love you's" to my boys all day everyday. And, that is why I often struggle with guilt because I feel paralyzed to show Erik love like I used to in the old days. I used to run up to the office to eat lunch with him, bring him goodies, put songs in his car to make him smile when he cranked the engine, leave notes on his desk, write him poems, etc. But, now, I am just trying to survive and most of that slips to the side somehow. My heart hasn't changed. I'm just busy from sunup to sundown, and I'm not free to show my love the way I used to. . .

And, it is the same with God. I can't show God love the way I want to right now. I can't sit at His feet and sing Hallelujah for hours at a time. But, maybe I don't have to, maybe He knows. And, the thought that He might be glorified through my singing a lullaby to a sleepy child makes my heart sing. It makes me cry!

And, maybe, just maybe, my beautiful mess is better than a Hallelujah to Him! He knows my heart, and he knows that underneath that Nazi checklist is a heart that truly loves Him, my silly little type A attempt at love. I think He gets that. I think it likely amuses Him, but I think He loves me just the same.

And, so that silly type A girl that is so deeply attached to her checklist may on certain days feel a bit guilty about her inability to not keep her checklist perfectly checked off any longer. And, on one of those days, her sweet Father comes and whispers to her heart. . .

"You just hear the baby's cries, the toddler's whines, your tired, frustrated voice, but I hear a melody."

Beautiful, Jesus. Could it really be a melody to You?? Could the fun loving, tackling, wild, overstimulating chaos that is my world be beautiful to You?? I love the thought. The hope that even in this busy stage of my life where I am unable to simply sit at Your feet and meditate for hours, even here in this mess that is me, You are glorified. Oh, I do hope so!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Falling for Leaves. . .

Running. . .Jumping. . .
Landing. . .
Yes, it is a pitifully small pile of leaves. . .
But, there are many more to fall. . .
What a great season!!!
Relax and enjoy!!

I Get So Emotional, Baby!!!

I'm claiming the pregnancy thing. It is a fine excuse if ever there was one!

Today I was reading to my boys over lunch. I was reading about the Alamo. My boys absolutely LOVE history. I had no idea that they would love it so much, but they totally get into it!! I guess it is because history is full of wars and battles and men of courage and honor. They eat it up!! It is a good thing that history was, hands down, one of my absolute favorite subjects!!

I digress, I was reading to them about the Alamo and the War with Mexico. And, I just started bawling. I couldn't read through my tears. (My boys are used to this. I cry over many of the books we read. In fact, Joshua can do a good impression of me saying, "This makes me cry!!!")

Sorry, sidetracked again! So, I made it through the actual battle of Alamo which is just so amazing in and of itself. The courage of those men floors me! But, it was the next paragraph about Samuel Houston leading less than 800 men into battle against 1300 Mexicans.

"Men, there is the enemy," said brave General Houston. "Do you wish to fight?"

"We do," they all shouted.

"Charge on them, then, for liberty or death! Remember the Alamo!"

"Remember the Alamo!" they cried, as they rushed onward with the courage of lions.

With tears streaming down my face, I continued on in my reading. The boys hung on every word. Good stuff!! In case you have forgotten, let me remind you. . .

Depending on the history book (they give varying amounts, but all similar) there were 175-200 Americans attacked at the Alamo (including Davy Crockett and James Bowie). They were attacked by a group of over 6,000 Mexicans. They fought for 13 days!!!!! In the end, every American died. Talk about courage. Okay, enough history for now! Can't promise I won't bring it up again, though! I'm loving it!!!

Okay, where was I?? Yes, I'm an emotional train wreck!! So, I was completing a music appreciation assignment with the boys. They are studying Brahms, and we were to listen to various versions of his lullaby on the computer. One had a slideshow of baby pictures, and I started bawling. Joshua looked over at me, "Mom, why are you crying?" I said between teary gasps, "It (sob, sob) makes me want a (sob, sob) baby!!!" He put his arm around me reassuringly and said, "But, mom you are going to have a baby." I'm a mess, I tell you, a mess!!!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

This Speaks Volumes. . .

If you know my boys at all, then you know which wrist belongs to which little man. . .

I noticed their arms earlier this week, and it made me smile because it is just so them!!!!!! And, Mr. Type A to the right, yes, him, his bands have remained organized by color on his arm since Sunday. If they get out of order, I've never seen it!! Personality!!! I love it! :-)

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

October Storm

The calm before the storm. . .

Erik Daniel and I took Rain out for his late afternoon "special time." It looked like rain could fall at any moment. The clouds were dark and heavy, and thundered rolled in the distance. But, it was calm and peaceful where we were walking. But, out of the stillness and quietness came a roar ~ gentle at first but growing louder by the second. And, out of nowhere came a strong and wild gust of wind that took us by surprise. Leaves fell like rain all around us. I ran for the house, dropped Rain and Eriky off, and came back outside to take pictures and enjoy the lively weather!

The boys were glued to the window yelling, "Mom, you said it would rain. And, look it is raining leaves!!!" By the end the pond was full of floating leaves. I love autumn!!!
The pictures do not do this little windstorm justice. Well, this one may. . .

After the weather settled down, I noticed the trees out back were glowing in the autumn sunset. So, I ran outside to take a look! And, look what the boys and I discovered. . .
A full arch rainbow! So beautiful! Unfortunately the trees blocked our view of the entire arch, but Erik could see the entire thing from his office!

So beautiful!!! And, our soccer games were cancelled, so we had a peaceful evening at home as a family!!

Monday, October 11, 2010

It's Unamimous

JCT wrote this note to Joshua. . . They have converted him. Now, it is unanimous. The boys want a brother and only a brother! Let me help you read the note above, "Let's go boys! To: Joshua. (the tracing of the hand is meant to represent the word "Five") Five boys in the family." JCT likes to shorten "the" to "d." Maybe we have some Jamaican roots that I don't know about? Not sure?

Anyway, here is the flip side of that sheet...
Let me translate "The babe in Mom's tummy will be a boy." I am not sure what the "ind" at the end means?????

Anyway, I found his little note, and it made me laugh! :-)

Caterpillars and Butterflies

Why do caterpillars and butterflies make me feel all melancholy inside?? Maybe it is because it makes me realize that it will not be long until my cute little fuzzy caterpillars will blossom into beautiful butterflies and fly away. It is what I want for them, but it makes my heart a little sad to think about it. Thankfully, they won't be ready to fly for quite some time, so I get to enjoy them a good bit more before I have to release them to this big beautiful world!

Joshua has to memorize poetry for his grammar class on Fridays. A few weeks ago the poem that the class memorized was about caterpillars spinning and dying to live again as butterflies. His grammar teacher brought each student in Joshua's class a mason jar with vented lid holding 3 caterpillars! She also brought each student a bag full of the specific leaves our caterpillars would need to eat over the next week or so.

We fed them. We watched them get really, really fat. We watched them as they lay dormant in their cocoons. And, then we watched each emerge as a beautiful butterfly. We checked a butterfly identification book out at our library, and the boys had fun paging through it to correctly identify our butterflies. Then, we set them free!

Here is a picture of our first butterfly. . .

So, pretty!
The butterflies kind of wigged JCT out. This is about as close as he would get to them...

But, Joshua loved them...

This is our second butterfly. . .
Joshua set it free, and it flew right to Elijah! It startled him at first, but then he enjoyed it!!
I got one more quick picture of this butterfly before it flew over the house never to be seen again!!
Erik set the last butterfly free with the boys, and it took off so fast that I didn't even get a picture!!

This was such a fun thing to do! It wasn't our first time to do it, but, I can honestly say, it never gets old! The whole process is amazing! And, almost everytime, I feel quite certain we've done something wrong, and the caterpillar has died in his cocoon. But, amazingly, life comes from what appears to be death, and God's beautiful, creative heart is displayed for all to see! I love it!

Wednesday, October 06, 2010


It is 4:00 ~ the littles are still sleeping, and I am sitting at my kitchen table watching my big boys play football between two bushy trees out back. Rain is making sleepy sounds, and Andrew Peterson is singing peacefully soothing my soul. The wind is blowing through the masses of trees that make up the woods surrounding our house. And, I am thankful. I'm thankful for simplicity, for my country home, for life, for my little moment in time that God gave to me.

The day started so beautifully. I made biscuits from scratch and eggs. The boys ate while I sipped coffee and read to them, their eyes wide, of another world, the world of Narnia. Pure peace. It was a beautiful beginning.

But, it slowly unraveled. . . Climaxing with a math lesson lasting much too long, a stubborn mama refusing to give her son the answer, determined he could figure it out on his own. Bless him! I may have, in frustration tossed my pencil across the table. How awful of me, but I didn't say I did it, just that maybe I did. God, help me.

Enter call to sweet Erik where I confess my sins (I confessed them to my son, as well.) and vent for much too long while he listens with long nostrils (great patience) as per his usual.

Life is so funny, and I am such a mess of girl. I am so thankful for grace from my sweet God and from my sweet boys. Both love me so much more than I deserve. What a day! But, you know what? Even in the bad days there is so much good! I know that I am spoiled. We all are. Living here in this great country, knowing an unreal, amazing God intimately, being married, having children. . .

The list goes on and on. And, sometimes, I'm not sure what to do with the knowledge of all that. There are so many who have hard, hard lives, and mine is so easy, so sweet. And, I realize that it may not always be this way. Example: Job. So, all that I know to do today is to thank God for the blessings of this day, to walk in this moment.

My heart is so full. I am thankful for little boys playing beneath trees out back. I am thankful for little boys snug in their cozy little beds upstairs. I am thankful for the sun, the wind, the trees, the crisp, cool air. I am thankful for a day where the worst thing that happened (so far :-) is that I may have given flight to a small piece of wood painted yellow with a #2 on it. I am thankful that life is, at present, sweet and simple. I am thankful that my daily problems aren't really problems at all in the grand scheme of things. And, if tomorrow this is not the case, then I will worry about it tomorrow. He has given me what I need for today. And, today has been a good day, not perfect, but so very good.

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Autumn's Arrival. . .

Monday was the first day of fall weather for us in our little corner of the world. The high was 75 degrees, and our whole family was excited! The boys got out of bed, and Joshua went with Erik to take Rain out for his morning walk. Joshua came back in and announced to his little brothers that it was cold outside!! Everyone had to feel the cool weather, and then come inside and curl up under their blankets!I pulled out my all-time favorite fall candle. I can't remember the name of it, but it is a Tyler candle, and it is orange. I love it. I wish I could eat it's sweet, sweet smell!!!! The day was cool, crisp, sunny, and breezy ~ perfect autumn weather.

JCT came downstairs dressed like this. . .
Would you say we were a bit overly excited about the fall weather!! We made these cupcakes for Deana b's birthday.

It warmed up a little as the week went on but never reaching temps above the low 80's. We have enjoyed it so much! The leaves are beginning to fall, hitting my windshield as I drive, and that makes my soul sing!!! Today the boys have a friend over, and they are swimming for what just might be the last time this year!!!! But, that is okay, we are ready for this new season! Bring on the pumpkin patch and the hayrides!!!
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