Monday, May 30, 2016

The Beach 2016

When our plans to go to the beach were in the early stages,  Erik was hoping to find a place on Rosemary Beach or Destin.  But, for some silly reason, my heart is here at Fort Morgan.  I know it isn't as pretty.  But, it also is not as touristy nor as crowded. And, when it came down to being 2 blocks from the beach or being directly on the beach for the same price, we again went with Fort Morgan.  And, for 5 days we listened to old Jack Johnson (Curious George soundtrack) and took it slow...

Daddy did the big grocery trip once we got to Gulf Shores, and he bought some fun things!! :-)

I think one of my favorite things about the beach is how it wears out my kids!! So much fun!

I love that when we go (spring and fall) we almost have the beach to ourselves.  It makes watching the kids so much less stressful!

Next year we will have to buy a tent because someone did not like the sun on her! :-)

Mother's Day 2016...

My favorite thing to do at the beach...

Steamers in Gulf Shores at the recommendation of some sweet friends!  The perfect spot for a big family like ours!

Matt's Homemade Alabama Ice Cream was awesome! We will be back for sure!

Fort Morgan, thank you once again for a peaceful, wonderful family vacation! This makes our fourth trip to this beach, and it is beginning to feel like a second home to me!


Linda said...

Oh, my goodness!! Love this blog and the pictures!! Love you all.

Sarah said...

Yay! I love your blog and seeing pictures of you, my sweet friend!! So happy you got to go to the beach and relax for awhile!

Bev said...

Love the photo of one little girl nestled in amongst all those boys - what memories she'll have of growing up! I still remember - did Sarah ever tell you - her brother, Dan telling us he was glad he got to escort 'the prettiest bridesmaid' on her wedding day. Beautiful mama, beautiful family.

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