Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Last Week in a nutshell. . .

We've been busy here.  But, not the kind of busy that can be blamed on anything in particular.  We've just been busy with life, everyday, ordinary life.  My days are full ~ everyday.  It seems I cannot ever get everything done that needs to be done.  I'm in constant motion, and yet I am behind most days.  But, I am beginning to realize that this is a stage of life.  I will not get caught up, not for a while.  So, I'm just trying to do the next thing, to do the best that I can day in and day out. . .

I am 34 weeks pregnant, and this baby kicks wildly.  I am thoroughly enjoying myself, loving feeling the kicks and wiggles.  Feeling a little one wiggle within is one of my all time favorite things in my entire life.  I just wish that I could make my skin translucent, so I could watch!!  I often think of an old post by Ann Voskamp where she talks about being in labor with her 6th child.  And, as she endures the labor pains, her husband holds her and encourages her with these words (as best I can remember), "We do not know that we will pass this way again."  And, I did not plan this, my fifth pregnancy, and I do not know that I will be given the opportunity to pass this way again.  So, when my legs and back ache at the end of long days, and I finally climb into my big warm bed.  I feel that little one adjust itself and wiggle about within, and I think to myself, "Enjoy each moment because I do not know that I will ever pass this way again."  And, what an amazing and wonderful way it has been!  I'm so thankful.

And, on that note I will say that I feel so blessed, but I do have my days full of insecurity!  What are we doing kind of days! Yikes!  A month or so ago I was somewhere and out of the blue someone I had not seen in a while made a beeline for me.  She took one look at my belly, then looked me directly in the eyes, and asked a quick simple question. . .

"Are you crazy?"

And, I felt like a 6th grader again.  I had forgotten that feeling.  She meant it harmlessly, but it stung for days.  It is really a nuisance to be overly sensitive, but I am that and that I am. And, I suppose I am a bit crazy, too.  But, you know what?  

I'd do it all over again.  Every pregnancy.  Every baby.  Every toddler.  Every stage.  I'd do it all again, and I'm so thankful to have been given the privilege!  I love my guys! 

I have taken so many pictures lately, but they are completely unrelated.  I am going to post a few of them just for fun!

I love how these two are bonding lately.  I think Lije is finally realizing that God gave him a special friend in Eriky.

I began nesting last week.  So, I got the big boys to help me get things organized.  I thought they did a great job with the garage.  I sent them out to straighten and organize the outside toys all by themselves, and they did such a good job!!

Then I dumped the four downstairs bins out in the middle of the living room floor and got them to sort and organize them back into their appropriate bins.  Again, they did a great job!!

I took a picture of all my "stuff" while I was making this week's lesson plans last week.  I don't know why, but it is one of my favorite things to do!!!  I love reading through everything and planning.  It is always a peaceful, fun time for me.  I thoroughly enjoy it!

On St. Patrick's Day the boys did their school work with green pencils!  It was a fun day.  We finished up early and headed to Deana B's for lunch!  I got to sit on the back porch and swing while my children played in her fenced in backyard!  Ahhhh. . . the life!  Eriky D took his nap on me while I sat there just a swingin' and enjoying the sunshine, warm weather, and good adult conversation!  Bliss!

At breakfast the other morning the boys were amazed at how fat this poor bird was.  And, they were right to stare.  This bird was FAT!

And, here is my baby.  He is still my baby ~ even if he is 2 1/2 years old!!

I fell in love with this quote. . .

And, now I am off to bed!  :-)


Monkey Momma said...

Erin, I might have missed it in one of your posts, but you know what the sex of the baby is?

Sunshine said...

you are the sweetest Momma. And I love to read your blog. I think your little ones are SO very blessed. Sunshine

Tijitha said...

Dear Erin,
Children are truly blessings from God and I love the way you reflect that in your life!! Enjoy the following weeks of pregnancy as you await your newest little bundle of joy! God bless you!

Sarah said...

Sweet Erin, I've known you long enough (Has it really been 16 years??) to say you're not crazy, you're wonderful, and I'm glad your family is growing--you guys are a spot of sunshine, and now the rays are going to extend even more! Much love to you tonight, dear friend :)

Linda said...

Erin, my son and beautiful daughter-in-law have five children, and it is such a blessing. I love spending time with them. The house is always filled with laughter and energy. They are such good company for each other. I am just so happy for you!

Anonymous said...

you are so right. i am never going to pass that way again and i feel it was truly a blessing and one i miss so much at times! motherhood is a special gift from the Lord!

Kimberly said...

Erin,I do not get to stop by your blog often but when I do I am always blessed. I remember reading your post when you announced that you were expecting your newest baby and I thought, "she is SO blessed!" I have 4 and we homeschool as well. I would have loved a 5th, but I'm getting along in years. ;)
I had a question about your lists and wonderfully organized notebooks that you use. Do you buy a certain kind from a certain company? I'd be so happy to learn what products you use. I currently use legal pads but those notebooks look great!

Jennifer said...

Been praying about homeschooling. What curriculum do you use or piece together? would love some info on this:)

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