Monday, January 23, 2012

JCT's Decision

He has always been his own little man.  He does his own thing, in his own time, and in his own way.  His hair has always been long.  He likes it that way, and he doesn't care if he is the only one with hair like his.  It takes him 30 minutes to eat a meal.  Everyone else finishes and begins their chores, their play, or their schoolwork, but it doesn't phase him a bit.  He will eat every bite as slowly as he desires and let all the world get ahead of him.  He does not care.  And, he is independent.  He can do it himself.  He is full of confidence.  He thinks he should be teaching me math, and somedays, he is so convincing that I almost believe him myself!

I began praying for his salvation before he was born.  But, about a year and a half ago, I really started praying for his unique, individual relationship with God to be cultivated, to begin to grow.  I began to pray specifically that God would "speak sweetly to his heart."

James Christofer Truett has never been a follower.  When Joshua was four, he heard about giving his heart to Jesus, and he immediately looked up to heaven, sitting criss cross applesauce on his bed, and yelled to heaven, "Jesus, come into my heart!!"  But, JCT is different.  He is analytical, thinking, a processor of information.  After Joshua grew and really began to understand having a relationship with Christ, he began to witness to JCT.  It really bothered him that his little brother had not accepted Christ yet.  I have vivid memories of the two of them sitting in the 3rd row seats of our van.  Joshua exasperated crying out to JCT, "Don't you realize James, if you don't ask Jesus into your heart, you will go to hell when you die!!!!  Do you want to go to hell????"  And, JCT would just stare out the window like he couldn't even hear his big brother talking.

At a parenting conference years ago, Erik and I heard Tim Kimmel suggest that parents should not ask their children, point blank, if they want to accept Christ.  He said kids are by nature pleasers and will say yes.  He suggested presenting the gospel but letting them come to the decision on their own.  Erik is really good about sharing Christ and His love with the boys, but leaving the ball in their court making them come to Him on their own, making it their decision and not anything we have placed upon them or coerced them into doing.  They walk the aisle alone, when they are ready, when Christ stirs their hearts in His own unique way.

The way Jesus spoke sweetly to my JCT's heart tickles me every time I think of it because it is so Him and so him!!!!  JCT began asking probing questions out of the blue this summer.  "Why do you have to be bap-it-tized?"  "If it doesn't save you why do we do it?"  "Why did Jesus have to die?"  Our little processor of information was beginning to put the pieces together for himself.  Several times late at night I would think he was about to ask me if I would pray the prayer of salvation with him.  But, he didn't ask, and I kept quiet, just answering questions when he asked.

But, finally, one night several months ago the most interesting thing happened!  I was tucking him in just as I always do.  Expecting him to say what he always says, "Peace, good night, I love you, and tell Daddy and Jack that I said it, too."  But, that isn't what he said.  As I leaned down to kiss him, a sweet smile erupted on his little lips, and he said, "I have something to tell you."

My heart began to beat quickly, "What is it?"

"Today when you were doing First Language Lessons (our grammar curriculum) with Josh, I asked Jesus to come into my heart and live in me."

"You did?"

"Yes"(big smile).

I asked him to go downstairs and tell his Daddy what he had done and talk to Daddy about it.  He did.  Erik listened as JCT told both of us how he asked Jesus, on his own, while sitting under our schoolroom table, to forgive his sins and live in him.  We talked for a while with him, and then we sent him up to bed asking him to share his news with Joshua.

As soon as his little feet hit the steps, Erik and I smiled at each other.  "It is just like him," Erik said, "to do it all on his own ~ just between himself and Jesus."  We giggled that our little independent son, at six years old had gone to the throne room of heaven all by himself.  He knew what to do.  He didn't need us to hold his hand.  He walked boldly forward making the most important decision of his life all by himself.

And, it was with that same boldness that he walked the aisle two Sunday nights ago.

I love, love, love how my sweet Jesus draws each of us uniquely.  He knows our very innermost make up, He knows our bent.  He created us, formed us, and He draws us accordingly.  He speaks sweetly to each of us if only we will open our hearts and listen.  How beautiful and sweet He is!

A sweet side note: After the service sweet Lije looked up at Dr. Jones, our pastor, and said, "When I get older, can I ask Jesus into my heart, too???"

Dr. Jones assured him he could. :-)


Linda said...

Oh, my heart. How precious!!!! And, oh, my, I have some memories of James asking questions, too. I think he was only 4 years old when as I was swinging him, and he looked at me seriously and asked, "Nana,what does it mean that Jesus defeated death and the devil at the cross?". Well that got my attention for sure. I can't even remember my exact answer, but I do remember trying to get him to wait and ask his Pops! But he would have no part of waiting for the answer.

AW said...

Love this.

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