Friday, February 17, 2012

James R' Us

Joshua and James were busy doing their morning work when James spotted me.  I was making price tags and placing them on toys.  "Oh, Mom!  Is that for my math lesson?"  I had to tell him that it was not.  It was for Lije.  But, I used this same curriculum with James, and he remembered...

"Oh, Mom!  I used to love that!  I used to love it when we played store!  Can I do it with him?  Can I be the cashier??  Please!"

So, what was supposed to be just a short little math lesson became a good hour long play/math time for brothers!  James named his store James R' Us, and it started out simply like this...

But, after a while I swear JCT had price tags on half the toys in the house!  He loved using his cash register and checking his brother out over and over.  Elijah kept buying things for Eriky!  So, he would buy a toy, and then run into the next room and say, "Eriky, look what I bought for you!"  And, Eriky would eagerly receive the toy!

Fun, fun!

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HW said...

"Grocery Store" was one of my children's favorite activity. We had a cash register and a grocery cart and they would take turns being the shopper and the checker. I'd save boxes, jars, etc from their favorite foods and they'd go "grocery shopping" through the house. This post brought back some sweet memories for me.

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