Wednesday, September 19, 2012

First Fallish Day!!

There was a crispness in the air most of the morning. The sun was shining and there was nary a cloud in the sky.  Joshua said it was his favorite kind of day ~ sunny and cool.  We spent most of our day learning outside.  We read literature pondside, had a picnic lunch, and enjoyed just being together on a beautiful day.  The trees are beginning to turn a bit, and all these things make my heart want to burst!  There is such a peace that comes with fall.

In the last year Erik and I have watched one of our couple friends lose their just a smidge under two year old son.  And, we've had another friend of ours lose her husband.  And, as of yesterday another friend of ours lost his wife.  That is a lot of tragedy in one year, and it makes you think.  God owes us nothing.  Each day is a gift.  And, we have no idea how many more days we have.  So, we must live each day to the fullest, and not put off those things God has lay on our hearts to do.  I can honestly say that I kiss my children differently, hold my husband longer, and breathe deeper of the crisp fall air.  Huge blessings surround us.  May our eyes always be open wide to see them, never taking any little thing for granted.  

I have a pocketful of little tiny flowers that two of my sons brought me this afternoon ~ tiny yellow flowers more beautiful than roses to this mama.  And, my heart smiled last night as Erik Daniel begged me not to go out with some friends.  He said, "But, I will miss you, Mama!  I will miss you!"  I explained that we were just going to hear a speaker, and I'd be right home.  He then looked up at me with gentle brown eyes and said, "Use the fast pedal, Mommy.  Use the fast pedal, okay?"  Oh, I do love these days so much!

I found this sweet note on a piece of paper I was about to throw away.  James Christofer was helping Jack learn how to color, and he wrote him a little note.

An update on Erik Daniel's monsters.  They are changing.  Now they have arms and legs ~ actually the arms are coming off the legs!  Anyway, they still have teeth.  He no longer calls them monsters.  Now they are people.  I think this one might be me?

 The big feet tipped me off!  Anyway, I just rejoice over watching their art change and grow with them!  It is such a joy to watch daily as they grow like little weeds right before my eyes!  Slow down, little men!

Yesterday Erik and I were discussing something that happened at one of our state's colleges.  Evidently some man decided to run across the football field without enough clothes on during a game ~ if you get what I'm saying!  Joshua overheard us, and said in all seriousness, "He must be demon-possessed!!"  I had to giggle! :-) Thank you to Daddy for reading Acts to the boys every morning!

And, I'll end with a picture of the boys eating lunch today...

On the first day of school, I had the boys make a list in their journals of all the things that they wanted us to do this year ~ fun activities, school related mostly, but could be just for fun or crafts.  My older boys asked for a myriad of things, but one thing they both wanted was picnics by the pond.

It was such a beautiful day, nothing could have kept us from enjoying it.  It will be cold before we know it, so we have to soak up these beautiful fall days!!

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