Monday, October 15, 2012

Horsin' Around

Our contractor has become like family to us over the last year.  The boys love to follow him around, and he loves to play with them.  He brought my older two duck calls with the promise to take them duck hunting this winter.  While we walk around the addition and make decisions, he usually holds one of my babies, and I hold the other.  He has made so many decisions for me, without even bothering to ask me, based on what is safest or most convenient for a house full of children.  I am so thankful.  Erik Daniel hugs his legs and tells him that he loves him.  :-) And, now that we are over in our new area, the boys are constantly thanking him for building it for us!!  

Our contractor heard Erik and I talking about beginning to move our things into the addition.  He insisted that we let him help us.  He showed up bright and early with two other workers and wouldn't accept anything in return for their help.  We couldn't have done it without them.  With six children and no family close by, moving is not an easy task.  These men moved so much so fast.  When it seemed things wouldn't fit through a doorway, they took off the doors and made it work!  Erik and I were so grateful for their help!

He, then, invited us out to his place for the evening.  The boys had a blast!

We had to peel this little man off his horse.  He was still talking about riding horses this morning.  The two older boys really enjoyed learning how to ride, taking the reigns, and doing it by themselves!

Jack enjoyed being with his big buddy!

He loved riding, too!

I thought he might fall asleep! He was so relaxed!!

Then, our contractor and his wife made a feast!!

Yum!  What a great way to enjoy the fall weather!!

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