Saturday, February 23, 2013

Distractions and Interruptions

As my heart has been stirred over the past several months to focus on character with my children, I have continually asked the Lord to show me how to do this.  I felt convicted, but I just haven't been sure how to put skin on it, how to incorporate teaching character into our daily lives.  I felt the Lord asking me to change some things.  I just wasn't sure what things and how.

Then, I got a text from Jen saying that she had really taken a deep breath and slowed down.  She said she was stopping mid-teaching to resolve issues the right way not just pushing them to the side in order to accomplish the task at hand.  She ended with, "It just feels right."  And, as I read this text, an episode of the Duggars came to mind....

Michelle was working on writing their most recent book, and the children kept dancing around her ~ needing things, making noise, etc.  I think one of the camera guys must have made a comment about there being a lot of distractions?  I can't remember exactly what prompted her to say what she said, but I will never forget her response.  She said (my paraphrase)...

"The book is the distraction.  My children are my job."

I remember just staring at the screen.  Such wisdom, and she just laughingly rattled it off like it was common sense.  And, I guess it is, but, oh, how easy it is to forget!  And, I heard His sweet whisper telling me...

"Their hearts are your first priority.  When you are busy teaching or doing laundry or any number of other things and a conflict arises, this is not an interruption, it is an opportunity to teach character.  Stop what you are doing and give them your full attention.  Their hearts are more important than their spelling lessons."

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Sarah said...

So good!! I needed to read this tonight! It's so true, (although what I'd really love is an entire day of perfect behavior and NO messes)--I was reading ths morning in James that to be mature, you ave to endure trials. It made me realize that it's because of the hard stuff, not in spite of it, that women like Sally C. are amazing, and that I have the opportunity to grow every single day, in this house w/these kids and all their interruptions!

Thanks for the reminder, sweet friend :)

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