Saturday, June 28, 2014

Sick Week

And, so we have had a week of sickness.  Lots of little warm bodies, and my big body, too!  I haven't had a fever since childhood, and, wow, that wasn't fun!  But, we made it!  My big boys are great helpers, and, thankfully, no more than three were sick at one time.  Sweet sick littles...

Lije and I share a love for the San Antonio Spurs!  So, while he wasn't feeling great, we watched game 5, when the Spurs win the championship, over and over!  It was great!  Thank you, Jesus, for a super fun series.  I was so distraught last year when San Antonio lost to the Heat.  It was so wonderful to watch them win this year!

Another sick sweetheart...

We had to make a trip to see the Doctor!  Yikes!

I decided that before my children get sick again I am going to find a printable temperature record sheet and medicine record sheet.  Keeping up with everyone's temperature and when they had meds last gets a bit confusing when so many are sick at once!!

When a family the size of ours comes down with a virus, we pretty much close down shop for a week or so.  We hunker down and just focus on making sure everyone is comfortable and gets well as quickly as possible.  It's hard seeing my little guys and girl feeling badly, but I do love slowing down, letting those go a little, and just loving on my babies.


Sarah said...

Yay!! I just checked your blog for fun and got three posts at once! I didn't realize you were writing again--I'm so glad! I know we talk, but I love coming here and seeing pictures of you guys, to round it all out! Hugging you today, sweetest friend :)

Katina said...

Aww, I'm glad you are all better! Even when we go out for ice cream we have to use a pen and paper because I can't remember who wants what. I'm sure it's even harder with meds and fevers! We welcomed our 5th son in April so now we are just one boy shy of your brood, we have one daughter and 5 sons. I have loved your blog through the years.

Malachi Cates said...

Poor babies! Was there a flu season back then? How inconvenient that all of your kids got the bug at the same time. Watch out for colds and fevers that last more than a week – that’s a sign of something more serious. Well, I hope none of their sickness were something like that. Stay healthy!

Malachi Cates @ Indian Crest Pediatrics

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