Monday, December 03, 2012

Life + Monday's Gratitude...

These days, they pass so quickly anymore.  A week is over before it really feels like it ever began.  So many things happen all the time, all at once, it seems.  I'm having a hard time keeping up!  So, I realized that I have taken a lot of photos that I haven't posted.  So, today I am backing up and posting a few photos from the last month or two.

See Emery's sweet little head?  They love her so....

About three out of every seven days, I find my Eriky asleep somewhere around the house.  Today it was on the floor in the schoolroom ~ curled up in a blanket. :-)  But, this day back in October, he fell asleep in the middle of the living room.

I was quite taken with his sweet little feet on this particular day...

My boys participated in a homeschool cross country group this fall.  It's a huge group of very committed runners, and the boys really improved their mileage and times over the course of the season. Here they are running with some sweet friends at their last practice...

To end the season with a little fun, their cross country team had a shaving cream party!  The boys had a blast as you can see...

This is my sweet kindergarten phonics class...

I love each and every one of these children so much.  They are so precious.

My guys playing dinosaurs on the kitchen floor...

So, Elijah was doing his morning work ~ Journal, handwriting, and phonics.  I was leaning over him helping him with something when all the sudden he jumped up just like this...

and said, "This is easy, Mom!  Bring out the hard stuff!!! I'm ready for the hard stuff!  Bring out the math!!!!"  I laughed sooo hard!!  Funny little kid.  Love him to pieces!!

One day last week it was super cold, and while the boys were outside playing, I whipped up a quick batch of cookies!!  I'm not sure if you can tell in this picture, but those little hands were bright red and as cold as ice ~ reaching for warm fresh from the oven cookies!! :-)

And, last week Erik and I took Joshua and James to their very first concert ~ Toby Mac with Mandisa, Jamie Grace, Chris August, and a few others...  It was a fun night for Mommy, Daddy, and the big boys!!!

After the concert...

James was nearly falling asleep standing up during the last few songs!

While we were at the concert our babysitter tweeted this picture...

Elijah looks so much like Joshua in this picture!!  Crazy!

Erik and I received this sweet love note from JCT recently....

I thought it was so cute!  Love is Magic! :-)

This little man loves to be read to!!!  If I read four books and go to get up, he will say, "Book! Book!" And, who can resist that!  :-)

And, it still catches me off guard.  The pink.  I wonder if I will ever get used to seeing it?  So thankful for my sweet little Emery girl.  She has added a new dynamic to our family, and we wouldn't trade her for anything!!

Which brings me to my thankful list for today.  I'm so thankful for...

* Beautiful winter sunsets.
* Small town Christmas parade ~ cars and people everywhere camped out over an hour before it starts!
* The simple beauty of leafless trees.
* Finding Jack in Elijah's lap looking at books together.
* Old dog sleeping soundly.
* Morning coffee and afternoon tea.
* Worries making me learn to trust.
* The reflection of Christmas lights in the window.
* A quiet home ~ at least for a few moments.
* Em playing peaceful.
* Days that are long, but are passing much too quickly.

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