Thursday, July 09, 2009

The Mighty have Fallen

Or, at least one of the mighty has fallen.


Up all night in the bathroom.

Need I say more?

I hate the stomach virus with a vengeance.

I love my husband, really I do, and he is an awesome husband. And, he looked very handsome to me last night even in my nauseated state.

I'm sure he meant it as encouragement. . .

But as I held onto the potty for dear life, he wiped my face and neck with a cool rag all the while saying these sorts of encouraging words over me. . . (I followed each comment with my own thoughts at the moment. . .)

"You don't really have to throw up."
Really, I don't? I'm not so sure. . .

"You've just talked yourself into it. You've been thinking about it since Joshua got sick. You just need to think about something else."
What else is there?

"Get up. Let's go for a walk. You wanna go outside and walk around a little bit?"
Ummmm. . . No.

"Come on, Erin, you're okay. Just think about something else. You don't really need to. . ."
Let me show you. . .

And, that was that.

Now, I do feel a bit better today, just achy and depleted of energy. The boys have been great. I even got to take an hour and a half long nap ~ not to mention the dozing that I did on the couch this morning while they played around in front of me. They've done really well ~ especially for boys who are used to getting to play outside most of the day.

The only thing that they are doing that is driving me CRAZY is that they want to watch this video over and over and over and over. . .

And, when you don't feel great, listening to a man sing about waffle fries and nuggets isn't a very good idea. But, I do love, love, love this video!


Sammy said...

I would consider killing my husband if he told me I talked myself into throwing up, when I was throwing up! :-)

Great video! :-)

Sarah said...

I hope you're feeling better soon! There's no worse plague than the stomach virus when all your kids are well and have energy! I love you, sweet friend!

Rachel said...

Hope you all are feeling better. Having lived in Texas for a number of years Chickfila is my favorite fast food restaurant. We just moved back south this past Dec and I loved introducing it to my children. Peanut (4) and JM (4) call it Triple A. I guess that's what it sounds like to them. We get a kick out of it.

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