Sunday, August 30, 2009

I guess this is what Dr. Dobson meant. . .

I think it was in Bringing Up Boys that I heard Dr. Dobson say (and this is a rough paraphrase). . .

"You can choose to try and keep your boys away from guns. You can choose to not buy them or to not bring them into your home. But, if you do they will make them. . . out of a peanut butter and jelly sandwich if they have to, but they will make them."

That quote is the first thing I thought of when a few days ago I saw this. . .

I guess the man knows what he is talking about. . . :-)


Sarah said...

AND--he could've added:

"And if you happen to have one lone daughter in a group of sons, she'll turn the chimney of her dollhouse into a sword, and brandish it at you."

God bless them :)

Rocker said...

Trust me. It all turns out okay. Love y'all.

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