Monday, August 24, 2009


**Updated to add. . . I took you to your 12 month check up today, and you were a hit with the doctor, nurse, and lab lady!!! Dr. I said you officially made his sweet boy hall of fame!! You were so good and playful while he assessed you! And, when the nurse came in to give you shots you reached for her, and she took you to the nurse's station. When you got to the nurse's station, you wanted Dr. I. He took you and held you for a little bit while he worked on charts! They had to draw blood from your sweet little finger to check for anemia. You didn't even flinch! You just watched intently as the lab lady milked your sweet finger for blood!! I think you were trying to figure out how she was getting red stuff to come out of your finger! :-) Cute! You are such a joy! I'm thankful for you! You weighed in at 24 pounds and 4 ounces and 32 inches. I'll have to check my records, but I think you may just be my biggest one year old yet!!!! I'm just glad you're mine!!**

I can't believe that my baby is ONE!!! You are so wonderful, peaceful, and sweet, and we thank God for surprising us with the gift of your life!!!

I still can't believe that it has been a year since we met you for the very first time! Now you are busy and active, eating baby food, yogurt, and cheerios, and standing up - balancing all by yourself!! You'll be walking/running soon!!!!! You went from calm sweet baby to wiggly squirmy little man practically overnight!!! And, you are talking loudly and a good bit these days!! Mostly you just say "Mama" and "Dada," but I have heard you make grand attempts at other words! I thank my God for your little life!!! You are blessing us big time!!!

Yesterday we took you to church in your little crown, but you wouldn't keep it on for very long!!! You looked cute as a button while it was on!!! Thanks for all the joy you bring us!!! We all love you to pieces!

Pic #1. . .
Pic #2. . .And, pic #3. . .
Man, I love you, my brown-eyed baby boy!!!!


picturesofhisgrace said...

So enjoyed you and your family last weekend! I think my Hannah enjoyed playing with this sweet one year old while he was here. Happy 1st Birthday, sweet boy! We love you!

Christi said...

Happy Birthday, Eric Daniel!

ME :) said...

OH wow I cannot believe your baby is already one too! I remember reading the "surprise I am pregnant post" - time has FLOWN! Your little men are gorgeous and you have such a beautiful Momma's heart! Sunshine

Happy Birthday little guy!

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