Monday, August 31, 2009

First Day Drama

It may still be August, but don't tell the weather because it is acting like fall, and I am very much okay with that! Today was JCT's first day of four year old preschool, and was a beautiful day. Temps must have been in the mid 70's all day, and there was a cool breeze blowing through our sweet little small town. It felt like the first day of school should feel ~ like the beginning of a new season, full of change and anticipation. Even one of the trees across the street from the preschool was aflame in all its fall glory albeit a bit early, but it was beautiful all the same.

The cool weather, the nice breeze, and the beautiful surroundings were all very serene ~ not to mention the fact that my sweet husband brought me a Venti Chai Latte (a.k.a. Peace in a cup). It was sitting in my cup holder beckoning me to drink of it. And, every so often as we drove to JCT's school, I would take a warm, soothing sip. It was all very nice. . .

Until we parked.

in front of the school.

And, JCT refused to get out of his car seat.

He held his hands over his straps refusing to let me unbuckle him.

So, Erik tried.

He got JCT unbuckled, but JCT refused to get out of the back of the van.

He sat down in the floor of the third row of our van.

Erik had to pry him out of the van, kicking and screaming, while all the nice little kids with all their nice little parents gently walked by trying not to stare at us and attempting to steer their children away from us fearing the impact our son's behavior might have on their child.

It was not pretty, I assure you.

This is Erik attempting to talk JCT into going into his classroom. . .

But, it didn't work. When they left the courtyard, JCT was once again kicking and screaming. I chose to stay in the car with the babies. I couldn't do it.

About 15 minutes later, Erik came out with beads of sweat dripping from his brow. Let's just say that he wasn't happy. He said JCT fought tooth and nail the entire time.

We drove the short drive to Erik's office discussing what we would do if this behavior continued beyond today. I dropped him off at work ~ patients waiting in rooms, already starting his day 15 minutes behind schedule.

But, before I got out of the parking lot, I got a call from a friend of ours who works at the preschool. And, she said, JCT was. . .


Chuckling, she said that as soon as Erik left the building, he quit crying and started playing playdoh.

Why, I ask you?


I mean, seriously, why?

So, when he got home from school, I asked him how he liked it. His answer. . .

"I loved it."

So, I asked, "What are you going to do tomorrow when Daddy drops you off at school?"

"I don't know?" He answered, thoughtfully, "I was just thinkin' bout that. I just don't know if I'm gonna cry or not. I'm not sure yet?"

"Well, since you know you like school, since you know it is fun, don't you think you could choose to be happy and walk into class like a big boy tomorrow?"

"Yeah. I just don't know yet. I'm still thinking about it."

We are eagerly awaiting his decision.


Kim said...

I had one who did this very thing but in elementary school ... Daddy had to quit coming for lunch visits because she would have him walk her to her classroom and then proceed to attach herself to his leg and cry, begging him to take her home.

Too much for Daddy to take ;)

Those mornings are rough!

Susan said...

I loved how you guys discussed about what you will do if his behavior continues after the day. It is always important to be ready. There will always be issues no matter the age. At 10, we are dealing with a different issue with Jonathan, but it's about us showing tough love - that's the hard love to show, but it's for his good.

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