Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Nothing More

I just poured my last cup of morning coffee. Whether or not I will make a second pot at nap time has yet to be decided. I'm leaning toward chai today for my afternoon cup of peace.

About three feet from me are two little boys playing together nicely. JCT and Elijah are playing with their little superhero action figures while Erik Daniel is crawling from one end of the downstairs to the other. He is presently under the kitchen table chewing on a plastic play cooking utensil. I can hear three things aside from the obvious children playing sounds.

One- the gentle hum of the washing machine cleaning the guest room sheets from Pop's visit this past weekend.
Two - the CD player playing the song I walked down the aisle to - Cradle Prayer by Rebecca St. James.
And, three - the roar of a lawn mower cutting our grass.

Life is not perfect here in our neck of the woods, but it sure is good. Ours is a happy home. It may be, at times, chaotic and loud, but it is always filled to the brim with love and laughter.

The older I get, the older my children get, I am realizing that the greatest things, the most wonderful, most memorable things are not certain major events, vacations, or milestones, they are the everyday ordinary things.

Things like waking to Erik's soft sweet kiss every morning. Like the fact that all our little boys still want to sit in our laps when they first wake up in the morning. The fact that nothing makes my big boy's day like a surprise lunchroom visit from Mommy. Listening to Erik Daniel belly laugh when we play peek a boo. Almost tripping over JCT's frog boots sitting outside the backdoor. Watching Joshua run to the car with pure joy at the end of long day at school. Getting to be the damsel in distress that my sons fight to rescue every afternoon. Pushing my boys on the swing set and playing hide and seek. Making dinner while children play at my feet. Dinnertime conversations and the smile dessert brings. Watching Erik throw the football with the boys at sunset still dressed in khakis and a dress shirt. Bubble-headed boys laughing and playing while Daddy tries to bathe them. Kissing and tucking clean, sweet smelling little boys into bed after a full day of play. Moonlight walks with Erik when we take the dog out for the last time before bed. Ending the day sitting beside my love on the couch discussing his day, my day, how we are doing, how our kids are doing, and our plans for the upcoming weekend. Falling asleep holding hands. Waking sometime in the dark of night to the familiar sound of my baby's cry. Stumbling in the dark to find my sleepy baby crying in crib, picking him up - his crying instantly stops, and soothing him back to sleep the way only Mama can. Then waking once again to Erik's soft sweet kiss.

Comfy, cozy home love. There is nothing like it.

I could ask for nothing more.


Sarah said...

I love this, Erin! It makes me want to come live with you!! Does it feel like fall there yet? Oh, I wish we could sit on your porch--or mine--and rock together! I miss you, sweet friend!

ADH said...

wow. i would feel surreal if i could describe my life the way you describe yours..God is good!

Kelly said...

What a beautiful description of a well loved life. You have such a gift for focusing on the positives of your days instead of the mundane trials of daily living. Thanks for the inspiration today!

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