Sunday, September 13, 2009

Just a Swingin'. . . Through Time.

I don't remember what exactly we were talking about this particular day as I pushed my little man on the swing. But, I remember that I was completely taken with him ~ his silky shiny strawberry blond hair blowing in the breeze that the swing provided. And, he chattered on and on and on incessantly. I was listening to what he said, but only halfway. My thoughts were focused on capturing the moment forever in my memory ~ his hair, his voice, his enthusiasm, his childishness, his utter cuteness.

All of this I was trying to record forever.

Some days, I am simply overwhelmed by them and by the fact that time is literally slipping through my fingers.

Can't I somehow store these things, these moments somewhere in a bottle of sorts, that I can return to and visit whenever I'd like to ~ like when they are in their 30's? This morning, as I stared at a 16x16 inch picture of Joshua when he was 3 that hangs in our living room, I wished that his little 3 year old face, body, and voice could come back to me for a moment. That my little 3 year old Joshua could come running into my arms, talking to me in his 3 year old voice. And, I could hold him close and listen to him for a while. And, my heart, though so grateful to love him, hold him, and know him as a 6 year old was slightly saddened by the thought that I will never get to see him at age 3 again except in pictures. They are growing up so fast, and there is no going backward. I was reminded of this once again this week as Joshua and I discovered together that he has his first loose tooth. Soon even his precious little boy smile will grow up a bit. . .

Moral of the story. . .

Gotta live each day to the fullest!

These are such sweet days. . .

And, they will not last forever. . .

But, that is as it should be.

Life is good, really it is so good.


Malisa @ My Lil' Corner of the World said...

What a beautiful post and reminder!! Thank you Erin!

ADH said...

oh i know just how you feel. my little ones seem to be growing so much faster than i'd like! :0) do you scrapbook?! that's how i try to retain the memories forever!

Roan said...

Hi Erin,
I read your comment on my blog a while back....I am so sorry it has taken me so long to respond! I do remember you! What I can't remember is WHEN you came??? Was I pregnant with #5 (Sam) and very sick or was Sam a baby and I was overwhelmed? I just know that the time you came I really felt inadequate to be offering advice since I felt my life was falling apart! :)
My oldest, Olivia (14) attended 1st semester of 1st grade at TCPS. We began homeschooling her that January. I felt convicted to homeschool her in Sept, but let her finish out the semester and spent that time getting my things in order.
Please call me anytime if you want to visit further about hsing. We are in the phone book.
Have a great day!

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