Friday, September 11, 2009

Jesus and Joshua and Friday Nights

In the fall Erik has a lot of football games to attend as team physician for the local high school and Jr. college. This means several months of Friday nights at home alone with the boys. I usually try to make these evenings fun or at the very least a little interesting or different.
Joshua has been seriously into Jesus lately. Like, really, he is. I'm not just saying that. He thinks about Jesus almost as much as he thinks about his Grandma, and that is a lot. He says he wants to be Jesus for Halloween. And, he draws pictures of Jesus at school - usually on a cross. And, the other day when the children were working on free writing, the teacher had them brainstorm some thoughts. Written in his little brainstorm clouds were, "I like the cross," " the cross reminds me of Jesus," the cross reminds Jesus of me." And, it is not uncommon for my sons to act out the crucifixion. Joshua always gets to be Jesus while JCT and Elijah are Roman soldiers. It works for them. Erik is Jesus every year in the Easter Musical, and Joshua has already asked me to ask our Choir Director if he can play Jesus when he gets a little older. JCT says he wants to be a Roman soldier when he grows up. This is all very amusing to me.
Here Joshua is pretending that the crossing of the wood on the door is his cross.
So, tonight I thought the boys would get a kick out of watching some old DVDs of Daddy playing Jesus. He has been Jesus for the past 7 years, so we have some serious choices of videos and DVDs to choose from!!
The boys were so cute! They would watch for a while then ask me to pause it so that they could act it out! The first DVD I pulled out for us to watch had a scene with Joshua in it ~ he was 2 months old at the time!! I squealed like only a lovesick mama can when I saw him!!
It was a fun evening! All the while they watched and played, I iced a yummy chocolate cake! Thanks for the leftover icing, Deana B!!!!

It was a lovely two tone cake, but tasted quite yummy!! A successful evening! And, now I am resting and waiting on my sweet one to come home!!!!!

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