Monday, October 19, 2009


Last night while Erik was at deacon's meeting and I getting little boys ready for bed, I couldn't help but notice that it was quite chilly inside our home. I glanced at the thermostat, and it informed me that it was 66 degrees in our living room. So, as soon as my little men were tucked away in their beds, I got on the computer and checked the weather. (I am secretly addicted to I go there much too often!) It informed me that the low for last night would be 32 degrees!

32 degrees!

I met Erik at the door begging him to let me turn! on! the! heat!!! I am cold natured, and he is hot natured, so we always have to find some sort of middle ground. He was reluctant at first, but in the end I won out, and the heat was turned on for the very first time this year!!!!

I cannot tell you what it does to me!!!!

The smell!!

The feel of warm air!!!

I love the heat!!

Nothing beats a warm home on a cold night!!!! :-)

After Erik turned the heat on upstairs, two curious little boys came tippy toeing down the stairs. . .

They wanted to know what the smell was. . .

Joshua thought it smelled like something spilled over in the oven and was burning (I simply cannot figure out how he knows that smell ~ certainly not from my kitchen!) :-). JCT thought it smelled like "a candle on a birthday cake with FIRE on it!" We explained that it was simply the heat and tucked them back snug and warm in their beds.

And, so it is the beginning of my favorite time of year ~ fall leading up to Christmas!!!! October, November, and December ~ I LOVE them all for reasons unique to each!!!!

I am so thankful for changing seasons ~ even if it seems that this year winter is jumping in a bit early!!!!!! Time to turn on the fireplace and cuddle up with a blanket, a good book, and a cup of Bifferdoodle decaf with french vanilla creamer!!


Tyna said...

Giggle! My hubby is the same way! I live in N. CA, so it doesn't get too cold. My thermostat hasn't gotten below 72 degrees yet. Our agreement is that I can't turn on the heater until the thermostat reads 68!

Sammy said...

Your use of exclamation marks is so sweet! It really shows how much joy you get out of everyday things.

I also love the feel of the heat being turned on in the house. It's so comforting and cozy.

HW said...

I also love Autumn. In central Illinois it means beautiful leaves, farmers harvesting their crops, and chilly high school football games. And for me, afternoon walks with my camera and our old yellow lab.

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