Sunday, February 14, 2010

February 4, 2010

What a sweet date it is to me ~ February 4th!!! My two big boys turned 5 and 7 on this day this year, and that was cause for great celebration!!! Erik woke the boys up by playing, very loudly ~ I might add, the song "You Say It's Your Birthday." Then, we gave them a little birthday happy. They each got a book. . .
Later that morning, I picked JCT up a little early from preschool, and then headed to Joshua's school to check him out for an hour. Then, the three of us headed to a new Mexican restaurant for a special birthday lunch date!!! It was all well and good until. . .

the waiters came over to the table to sing a Spanish version of Happy Birthday to the boys!!! Little did I know that they were going to put cream pies in the boys' faces!!!!! Yeah, that didn't go over real well. In fact, I fear they may never let me take them to this new restaurant again for fear they will get the same pie-in-the-face deal!!! JCT handled it better than Joshua, but neither one liked it!!

About a week before their birthday, I overheard JCT announcing to Joshua how many days were left until their birthday. And, I thought about what a sweet thing it is that God chose to give them the same birthday. JCT came three weeks early, and until my water broke unexpectedly, the thought of my oldest two children having the same birthday never even crossed my mind!!

But, God knew.

And, He gave these two a special little tie to unite them in a unique way. They are not twins, though I actually get asked that question from time to time, but they do share a special day. And, I love to imagine them as grown men calling and singing Happy Birthday to each other!

They are pretty fond of one another! I love the sweet bond that is developing in their hearts!

Sweet gifts!! Thank You, Lord!!!


Linda said...

LOVE this post, but WHAT???? A new Mexican Restaurant in Booneville. I may need to come to visit soon.
Funny that JCT liked the ice cream in the face better than Joshua, since it was the other way around when they got hit in the face with whipped cream a couple years ago.

Love you all so much,

Linda said...

Opps.... wrote Ice cream instead of cream pie.... yum!!!!

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