Friday, February 19, 2010

Time to Kick-off Joshua's Party!!!

After JCT's friends finished digging for fossils, it was time to begin transitioning to Joshua's football party!!! We asked all of Joshua's friends to come dressed in their favorite team's jersey, t-shirt, or cheerleading uniform! Here is the table. . .Friends enjoying a snack!! I love this picture because Joshua has his gloved hand on his best friend, Eli's, back. These boys are such good friends! I am so thankful for Eli and how he loves my little man!!
After some snacks, Joshua blew out the candles on his cake. . .Then, everybody headed out for a good old game of football!!! A precious friend of ours, (he's a coach, so he'd love to know that I described him as precious!!! :-), came over the night before the party and painted a very professional looking football field on our front yard!!!! Seriously the lines were perfect and measured, and the numbers looked like they had been stenciled on the grass!! So, so cool!! That alone made this birthday a birthday Joshua will never forget!!!! We spray painted Colts on one side and Saints on the other. (The party was the Saturday before the Superbowl.) Erik coached the Saints. A friend's Dad coached the Colts. And, I don't know if we should be superstitious, but the Saints won!!!
Joshua's cousin Caleb got to come from Florida with Erik's Dad, and that made the whole weekend even more special!!! Here he is kicking a field-goal!! You can't see it in this picture, but I bought a really cool miniature goal post!! It was the perfect size for young players!!

The Cheerleaders. . .

And, this is just too cute!!! Afton and JCT getting in on the big boy action. . .

How cute are they???!!! Okay, now everyone, who knows Afton's Daddy, knows that he is usually up to something! So, after the Saints officially won the "Superbowl," Sean got the ice chest that the kids' Gatorade's were in and proceeded to dump the melted water and ice on Erik from behind when he least expected it!!! It was awesome!!!Classic Erik and Sean. . .Every man should have a friend like this. . .
I took the picture below about 15 minutes after Erik told the kids to jump one at a time. :-)

They took turns doing some drills. . .

A sweet picture of the cousins after the party died down. . .

Instead of bringing gifts, we asked that guests bring books to be donated to JCT's preschool, for JCT's party, and Joshua's elementary school library, for Joshua's party. The boys had so many good books to take to their schools the next week!! They loved getting to give them to the preschool director and the school librarian!! Here is a picture of Joshua's stack. . .

Later that afternoon after we had cleaned and straightened the house, I couldn't find Erik. He just disappeared. I walked out the front door to look for him, and there he was. . . . Jumping on the trampoline, grinning from ear to ear, with absolutely no idea anyone was watching him!! I think he has enjoyed the boys gift almost as much as they have!!! I ran in, got my camera, and snapped a pic of this big boy!!

Thank You, God for fun days, and thank You even more for sweet boys to celebrate and for good friends to celebrate with!!!!!!!


HW said...

What sweet birthday parties.

Last year my daughter's class needed goal posts for their homecoming float so we moms made them out of PVC pipe and painted them yellow. They were about 7 ft tall and 4 ft wide. Two little brothers were very happy to get them for their back yards after the parade.
Just an idea if you ever need another goal post.
Happy Birthday to your little guys.

Christi said...

What fun parties! We did a football party for our oldest, too - field in the yard & everything - and it was such a hit!

Sarah said...

Let me take this opportunity to say, Your Roman shades are FABULOUS! Love, love, love them!

And I'm still praying for you, you know ;)

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

Such fun birthday parties!

I love the book donating idea!

Did you make the cakes? They are soooo cute!

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