Sunday, June 13, 2010

Happy 40th Birthday, My Love. . .

He loves me. His fair and freckled skin matches mine ~ made for one another, we were. I love the grey strands in his hair and beard. I love the rich deep tones of his voice, the southern accent that made me smile when he first called my number. Sometimes I lay beside him, head to his chest listening to the soothing beat of his drum. Remembering that we are mortal, just journeying. Our frailty frightens me slightly. As I imagine attempting to maneuver myself through this life without my right hand. We are not guaranteed another day, not that I deserved today or the previous 3300 +. His hand holds mine firmly. My hands are big, fingers long, but his are larger, stronger, fingers longer locking mine in a belonging grip. I am his, his earthly one, his help-meet, his love, his color, his sunshine in the morning. And, he is my rock, my steady compass, my peace, my guide, my selfless love.

My gratefulness for the gift of you grows each day. . .

I love you, Baby!! Happy 40th Birthday! I look forward to many, many more!!!

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Sarah said...

I can't believe he's 40--or that we're in our 30s! I remember when you first met him . . . Happy Birthday to Erik, and I'm praying you'll be able to say all the same at his 80th and beyond!

Love you, sweet friend!

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