Tuesday, June 08, 2010


I, somehow, get everything so messed up. I keep defaulting back to the insane idea that life is all about me. But, it isn't. And, I am so thankful. It takes a lot of pressure off when you realize this simple fact. I tend to think even the spiritual life is about me.

Well, let me put it in more "spiritual" terms. . .

It is about me becoming more like Christ. . .

about Christ chiseling off my rough edges. . .

like the Potter slowly, steadily shaping me. . .

perfecting me.

And, I guess these things are true. But, what God brings me back to time and time again is that the spiritual life is not all about me ~ it is about Him. And, the Bible is not merely a self-help book. It does help, but the focus of the Bible is not me and my pursuit to be holy, self-less, Christ-like.

God is not so interested in perfecting me. He is interested in using me to bring glory to Himself. He is compassionate and loving and longs to rescue prodigal sons and daughters, and He'd love to use my hands and feet and money and time and other resources to do just that. But, creating perfect people ~ not so much the focus.

It makes sense though when you think about it. . . I used to shudder at the thought of David's sin ~ I mean, seriously, adultry, murder, and he wasn't exactly the ideal father. But, yet he was a man after God's own heart??? What??

There is no other explanation.

God is not interested in our perfection. He is interested in our heart.

And, I am so thankful because daily I am reminded that I am a far piece from perfect.


Erin @ Closing Time said...

This is such a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing your thoughts and your heart! :)

Lizz @ Yes, and So is My Heart said...

Thanks for sharing you insights! So true! Praise God!

Sara said...


AnnaChristie said...

Thank you! I needed to hear that essential truth this afternoon - that my identity is Christ and in His finished work for me. Period.

As a side note, you don't know me, but I'm a new college grad and I've been following your blog since high school I believe :0). As I grew up in a family of 4 girls, I've always loved the tiny picture of 'life with boys' that I get on your sweet blog. So thank you for sharing your life on your blog too :0).



Manda said...

I've been reading a new book called 'Radical' by David Platt. The chapter I was reading last night talked about just what you talk about in this post.

ADH said...

thank you! so aptly spoken. i just read chapter 2 in the book by francis chan, "you might not finish this chapter" which talks of this very thing! way to be a great sister in Christ, encouraging us all to be focused on God's glory and not on ourselves!

Monkey Momma said...

LOVE this post. Thank you for this...so need to hear it right now.

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