Thursday, October 13, 2011


First, I want to answer two questions left in my comments from a previous post. The first question was about what astronomy curriculum we are using.  The boys do astronomy through our co-op, and my friend, Nichole, uses a combination of two astronomy curriculums.  She uses Apologia Exploring Creation with Astronomy and Jay Ryan's Signs and Seasons.  I hope that helps!

The second question was, what did I say to Joshua when he made the comment that all through time people have been against the Jews?  I simply complimented him on his perceptiveness.  When I told Erik about it later, he said, "Did you tell him it was because the Jews are God's chosen people?" No, but if I had it to do over, that is what I would say!!

In other news...  Life has been it's usual craziness here.  My boys keep me so busy, but so happy. :-)  I was doing Grammar with Joshua when Eriky came into the schoolroom to show us how he was storing his fruit roll ups for later...

In case I haven't mentioned it, we are all about ancient Egypt here.  All about it!  The boys love it!  They eat up their history lessons about various Pharoahs.  For some reason this is so interesting to them.  Joshua read The Golden Goblet in literature, and we loved it!!!  I was having trouble not reading ahead!!  He has to do a project for literature each semester, and he chose to make a golden goblet for his project this semester...

The shorts on his head?  Yes, he and his brothers do this when they play Egyptians in the backyard.  I had to call him away from their reenactment of the Hyksos invasion to spray paint his goblet!  The goblet has Thutmose's name engraved in hieroglyphics.  Joshua was so proud!  He (with the help of the master sculptor, his Daddy) sculpted the goblet out of Crayola air dry clay.  It worked perfectly!

Another crazy Egyptian son of mine...

Here they are playing a game they made up called "Mummified" where they wrap each other in a white blanket.

It is never boring around here!  Not even for one little second!

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Christi said...

Erin, thanks so much! I assumed that's what you were using for Astronomy & had already purchased it. What we were using just wasn't working.

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