Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Happy Anniversary, Love...

Photo taken by Brandy Jaggers

I wish I had a few more than 5 minutes.  I'd write you a poem or at the very least a nice long letter.  But, I have only a second.  One of our gifts is squirming on the boppy in my lap, another is playing contentedly in a crib with toys (this will not last long :-), and the other gifts are rounding up cattle (stuffed animals) somewhere in the wild west of our upstairs. The evidence of our love is undeniably wild and loud and may crash through the ceiling onto my computer at any second!

Thirteen years and I still get butterflies...

How do you do that to me????

I am fragile, weak, and easily shaken.  You hold me tight.

My head is in the clouds.  Your feet are firmly planted.

I like the gooey middle.  You like the crust.

I can recall every detail of my past.  You live fully in the present moment.

I am taken by the beauty of the backyard.  You alert me to the fact that I am standing in an ant bed. :-)

I talk incessantly.  You listen and hold your words close.

I like to write and read and think.  You like to watch and play .

My moods change by the hour.  You are calm and steady.

We just work together perfectly ~ crafted by His hands ~ made for one another.

Not many things in life are easy.

I am so thankful that our relationship is.

I love you.



Linda said...

Congratulations you two!

picturesofhisgrace said...

Happy Anniversary! Beautiful pic! Love you guys!

picturesofhisgrace said...
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Jessica said...

What a sweet post! Happy Anniversary!

Kristi said...

Beautiful! Congratulations :).

Tijitha said...
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Tijitha said...

Happy anniversary to a beautiful couple! God bless you both!

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