Saturday, May 19, 2012

Two Months, Miss Emery Elaine!

Oh, sweetness!  Sweet gift I never dared ask God for, but in His sweetness He so generously chose to give.  Babydoll, with fair skin and hair the color of mine, I still have to pinch myself! Your long thin fingers and the way you point your little toes when you stretch, you are so different, so dainty, so fragile, so precious.  My heart overflows, sweet little love.

And, I try, really I do, I try to live in today and not let myself dream of tomorrow because tomorrow is not yet ours.  But, every so often I stumble upon something ~ a copy of Little Women or The Secret Garden, and I overflow with joy that one day I may sit next to you in your bed, the old antique brass bed that I slept in all my unmarried life, and I will read these favorites of mine to you.  And, as I bake I think of teaching you things of the home, these things I love, like how to break eggs and sift flour and bake cookies in such a way as to make them perfectly soft, not doughy but not yet completely firm either. I have to slow myself down, one day at a time, one day at a time, my sweet little friend!

Oh, how I love you!

But, I am not alone!  Your brothers adore you.  Sometimes I fear for your safety, they all maul you at once ~ covering your face and head with kisses and squeezing any part of you that they can reach.  I had a sweet moment with James Christofer the other day.  I was holding you, and he was sitting next to me staring at you and petting your sweet baby fine hair.  I looked at him and reminded him, "You know you always wanted a sister, and God gave you one!"  Never taking his eyes off you, he said, "Yes, I didn't really think He would give me one.  I love her sooo much!"  And, last night I sat gazing at you in wonder with Erik Daniel near me.  I was wondering what you will be like when you grow up.  So, I asked Eriky his opinion.  "Eriky, do you think Emery will play in the dirt with you boys?  Or,  do you think she will stay inside and play princess?"  Without delay he responded, "She will play princess!"

We will see. :-)

You are beautiful, and your sweet Daddy makes sure you know this.  He tells you at least 5 times a day!  One thing you can count on, sweet girl, is that in this home you are loved so much!!!  We look so forward to living life with you day after day watching you reveal to us exactly who God made you to be!

I love you to pieces, sweet one.

Happy 2 months!


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Sarah said...

She is the cutest thing ever!! I still have her little gift; I'd better send it before she grows out of it!

Love you, sweet friend :)

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