Monday, January 14, 2013

Wintry Mix

Today, oh, today....  There was the usual chaos of Monday ~ the mama eager to cover a week's worth of material in one day and the children eager to continue their weekend play.  These two worlds collide and make Monday spin crazy most weeks.  But, as always, we survived.

The day took a turn for the better when I walked outside to take Rain for his early afternoon potty break.  Lo and behold!!  It was sleeting and so cold my hands hurt by the time I returned indoors. I looked at those sweet faces sitting around the table eating lunch and announced, "Boys! That! Is! NOT! rain!!!!!"  A wintry mix.  Their favorite song right now is Snow Globe by Matt Wertz.  They want it to snow so badly!  This is not snow, but still, we'll take it!!! :-)  The boys were tickled to get to eat icicles earlier!!  We'll take what we can get!!

My heart was heavy full from that moment on throughout the day!  Cold, overcast, and a wintry mix!!  Yay!  We read books in front of the fireplace during the afternoon, and for dinner, I made white bean chicken chili ~ a favorite cold weather comfort food!! :-)  Oh, if only every day was like this!!!  But, then again, I guess days like this wouldn't be as special if they happened every day.  The best news is that tomorrow is another day just like today!! :-)  And, I am going to savor it with a heart full of gratitude!  This may be the closest we get to snow this year, so I'm going to enjoy every minute of it!!

And, speaking of gratitude...from this week....

* A home with heat.
* A soft robe.
* A God Who is bigger than I can imagine ~ a FORCE moving in the hearts and lives of people.
* Kids quietly watching TV, candle melting, day winding down.
* Jack's love of books!!
* Em learning to eat food!
* Running with Erik and the kids trying to beat the ice cold rain as it beat down on our backs.
* Rain bringing cooler temps.
* A roof to keep us dry.
* Our wintry mix!

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