Thursday, November 13, 2014


I'm not really a baby person.  Don't get me wrong... I think babies are super cute and cuddly.  And, I have loved mine so much that at times I have thought my heart may burst straight out of my chest. Though infants and babies have won me over a bit through the years, it is children who truly have my heart.  And, as I stand here at this strange place in between babies and preteens, I realize that my heart is melancholy not so much because the baby days are nearly ending, but rather I find myself mourning the fact that my oldest is aging out of his childhood.

Oh, that takes my breath.  It is hard to type.  I love childhood.  It is magical.  Anything is still possible.  Creativity abounds without borders.  The sky is the limit ~ wide open and free.  You've heard it said ~ every child is an artist.  Well, I agree and I would add ~ every child is a dreamer ~ a dreamer of big beautiful dreams.  And, I find great joy in helping to make these things possible as best I can.  A fort in the woods, turning our kitchen into a store, creating a make believe camp out in the living room, etc.  I love childhood.  The world has yet to criticize, to feed them negativity, to burst their bubble, shatter their dreams...  They are still living life to the full, going all out, playing with all their heart.

I wasn't expecting it.  I hadn't even thought about it until it began to evolve on its own. I think the first thing I noticed was the way he spent his free time began to change.  He used to dress up like a cowboy and lead his brothers in imaginative play.  But, slowly his free time has become 100% sports related.  He is either playing football or basketball or watching football or basketball. Last Christmas he wasn't all that interested in cutting out and icing Christmas cookies with me. And, then Joshua became "Josh." He decided his hair should be a little longer in the front.  And, then he started flipping it with this gentle toss of his head that instantly became fodder for his father and I.

Somedays it doesn't bother me at all.  But, somedays as I watch him move and talk and seem so mature, a part of me gets a little sad that this is actually happening.  He is actually going to grow up.  He is actually going to fly one day. Yikes!  Makes me want to enjoy these moments so much because before long these moments will all be memories...


Tara Lee said...

So nice to catch up with your sweet family! I feel the same way about this post - my oldest girl is 11...and the subtle arrival of her tween years just made me shake my head! It goes by so fast! But the next stage of the journey is also exciting!!

Sarah said...

I felt the same way when Caiden turned 10--I cried on and off all that week! Now he's 13, and I just close my eyes and put my fingers in my ears when people talk about him growing up and moving out . . . slow down, years!!

HW said...

As someone who is on the other end of parenting, I'd like to encourage you that each phase really is magical. I kept waiting for the teen years to get me down; but, while we had a few rough spots, they didn't. Trust me, the pre-teen and teen years are just as wonderful as the little years. Instead of being a participant, you are a front row observer, but it Teenagers are funny and genuine and loyal.Each milestone during those years is just as exciting. You're going to love it.

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