Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Summer in the Wintertime. . .

And, this is what our little snowman looked like yesterday morning. . .

Sad for him.

And, sad for me, too. I just wish that we could have more days like Sunday ~ unexpected days of rest and home~time for the whole family! Ahhh. . .

Anyway, the morning of the great snow I put on an episode of Little Bill for the boys. And, in this particular episode, the kids were snowed in and had cabin fever. They came up with the idea of having Summer in the winter. They dressed in summer clothes and sang a silly little song that stuck with me. "Summertime, summertime, summer in the wintertime!"

And, that is what I decided to do last night. I gave the boys their bath early, so that we would have one less thing to do in the evening hours, and after they had their bath, I let them choose clothes from their summer clothes bins. I can't tell you how fun they thought this was. . . And, they sang the song from Little Bill over and over and over as they paraded down the stairs in their swim trunks, t-shirts, and sunglasses. Then, I changed into a summer skirt and shirt. And, we waited for Daddy with great anticipation! He came in, and was quickly made aware of the seasonal change that had taken place in our home during the late afternoon hours. I had the burger meat out and ready for him to season and grill - on the stovetop grill, of course. I think it was thirty something degrees outside at the time!
Then, we ate our little dinner of fresh fruit, cheeseburgers, and potato chips! The boys loved it!

Even Erik Daniel got into all the fun!

And, for dessert, what else??

Strawberry shortcake!!

I think the boys really enjoyed it! We may just do this every winter while they are young!


Christi said...

How fun!

Jenna said...

Ya'll are just the cutest, sweetest, and most FUN little family!

Jill said...

We had a little taste of sprnig here today: temps in the 60's. Our 6 inches of snow from Sunday is now gone.
I'm sure more snow will come and maybe we will have to try this idea of summer in wintertime to get our spirits up.
How fun!!

Kim said...

What a fun day! Great idea! I'm sure your boys loved it. It looks like you all are doing great! It was fun to check in and see what is going on in your life!

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