Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sea of Leaves

Two things I must say: 1.) Kelly, I can honestly say that I have never quartered a cheerio!!!!! But, your comment made me smile!! At least I know that I am not alone in my irrational fear of choking!!!!! :-) And, 2.) Mary, we are actually doing a Bible study in our Sunday School class by Mark Batterson ~ Chase the Wild Goose! And, I am really enjoying it! I'll have to check out the study that you mentioned! And, I do have a menu plan this week ~ but, it is in my calendar which is in the van!!! Ooops! :-)

Okay, now, my backyard is literally a sea of leaves! And, the boys have been so excited about playing in them. I liken a yard filled with leaves to a yard filled with snow. The leaves are not cold and wet and not nearly as pretty, but the boys jump and play and throw them! They have a blast!
Last night we played outside late in the evening, so the light in these pictures is not great! But, you can see how they have taken over the pond and the yard!!
In a few weeks when all have fallen the man who cuts our grass will come and mow the leaves, and then the yard will look like normal again! It sure beats raking them!!!! But, don't tell the boys because they love to get their plastic rakes and pretend to put a dent in the backyard! Ha! Did I mention we live on 7 acres??? :-)
Sunset through the trees. . .
Our home is pure peace to me as I am sure yours is to you, as well. There truly is no place like home!


Tyna said...

Sigh....sunset thru the trees. so pretty!

Kelly said...

Fun, fun, fun in the leaves! (And I know- the cheerios cutting was crazy- can you even belive I admit to it?!)

Mary said...

Oh yay! Chase The Goose is the 2nd of the studies he wrote. Chase The Lion is first. Actually you could just read his book "In the Pit With a Lion On A Snowy Day." It's what the bible study is pulled from.

Good for you! :)))

We're planning on doing that one next I believe. It messed me up.

Catherine DDS said...


I thought about this post of yours while studying this week's lesson on The Cage of Assumptions. Batterson says this about children: "Children don't know what can't be done. They have not yet defined what is and what is not possible. No impossibilities; no assumptions. The only limitation they know is their God-given imagination."

I thought of your boys sailing the ocean of brown, yellow & red in their own backyard.

Children can teach us so much, can't they?


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