Monday, November 02, 2009

Settling into the Week ~ Menu

Last night Erik carried my oldest son into our home sound asleep on his shoulder. It was so sweet, and even though they were only away from me for about 30 hours it felt as if I had not seen Joshua in a year! He looked so grown up even if he was sleeping like a baby in his sweet Daddy's arms! JCT and I fell asleep waiting up for them on the couch. So, Erik and I carried our sweet baby boys up to their rooms and tucked them in bed. I breathed deep of Joshua's clothes as I carried them downstairs to the laundry room ~ I missed him so much!
I missed Erik, too! He came home with gifts for us!! Guess what my gift was?? Two bags of candy corn!! I was so disappointed last week when I discovered that our local Wal-Mart was completely out of Candy Corn! And, now thanks to an Alabama Target, I am overflowing with my favorite seasonal candy!!!!

And, then this morning it was back to business as usual! Get up, get ready, pack a lunch, comb hair, check and double check backpacks, and kiss goodbye! I was left standing at the backdoor with two small children at my feet and literally 6 baskets full of dirty laundry to clean!!!!!! And, it is now after lunch and my beloved, ever-faithful dryer, is still going and going and going, accompanied by his friend the washing machine! Will I ever get caught up on things around here??? I am praying that one day this week I will have time to change out the boys' winter and summer clothes, so we can stop living out of bins! My home feels a bit more chaotic than I like right now, but my hands are tied. One day. . . one day. . . that is what I keep telling myself!!

As for meals this week. . .

Today: Since we didn't get to have a big breakfast together this weekend, I thought we'd have breakfast for dinner tonight! Pancakes, eggs, and fruit!
Tuesday: Chicken Enchilada, corn, and green beans
Wednesday: Church night ~ leftovers
Thursday: I have a late afternoon appointment in the medium sized town near us, so I will probably bring dinner home from one of our favorite restaurants!
Friday: Fall football game night ~ sounds like a good night for chili over yellow rice to me!!
Saturday: I bet we go out to dinner as a family this evening!
Sunday: I'll probably make salsa chicken over yellow rice to use up the rest of the yellow rice from Friday night!

I'm hoping this will be a peaceful, restful, catch-up kind of week for us. Let's see how it goes!


Tyna said...

What is yellow rice?

Catherine DDS said...

I good friend of mine with seven kids has had two dryers ever since I have known her. I always thought that was such a great idea, and Erin, I think that you qualify as a two dryer home!

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