Thursday, January 21, 2010

Elvis and James Brown

Joshua loves Elvis. I've mentioned this before. Loves Elvis, loves Elvis, loves Elvis. So, when I took the four boys to get their hair cut yesterday, and I saw Joshua whisper something into Mrs. Ann's ear, I was pretty sure I knew what he was saying. And, when Ann let out a huge, hearty laugh after hearing him, my assumption was confirmed!! He said something like this. . .

"Can you make my hair look like Elvis'?"

And, this is what my little man looked like after Ann got through with him. . .

Check out the sideburns. . .

Okay, now the story gets better!!! JCT was next in line, and he asked if he could have hair like James Brown!! Ann said that she didn't think she could do that because James Brown had longer hair than JCT's. But, he persisted, "Can you make my hair look like James Brown's hair when he was a kid?" She laughed and agreed. And, this is what JCT looked like when we left the salon. . .

A close up of those beautiful curls. . .And, then we had another Elvis. . .And, this little man. . .He was okay with just looking like himself!!!!Cute!

But, I have to say it was quite funny walking out of the salon with four little boys ultra-worried about the wind messing up their hair as we walked to the van. And, of course we had to go by Daddy's office to show Daddy and Uncle Sean. They need a good laugh in the middle of a stressful day, you know?

So, fun!


Manda said...

Too funny! I love the image of your little boys being worried about messing up their hair!

Anonymous said...

how funny and cute! my little girl loves johnny cash, i hope she doesn't want her hair cut like his though! lol.

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