Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Who Does This To Their Son. . .

Who in their right mind gives their sweet helpless newborn a name like James Christofer Truett?
Not only does he have 3 names instead of 2, but also, we expect him to go by his first two names put together. Yes, he does go by the shortened version, JCT, at times, but his name is James Christofer, not JCT, just ask his father.

I used to always wonder how old he would be he learned to spell his entire name out without asking or copying it. I began when he was very young to sing the letters of his name to him to help him. The little song I made up goes to the tune of B-I-N-G-O. Except his song goes a little something like this. . . (I really have to sing it for you because I have to run the letters at the end together very fast in order to get them all in!) J-A-M-E-S, J-A-M-E-S, J-A-M-E-S CHRISTOFER!!" He caught on to the song about a year ago, and he could sing all the letters in the correct order. But, it wasn't until sometime in the middle of the first semester of this year that he began writing his name without copying it. Now he often brings home papers that look like this. . . (He wrote "JCT" before and after "James Christofer." Don't let that confuse you!)

The first time he brought a paper like this home I laughed out loud, and my first thought was, "Who does this to an innocent child??" It still makes me laugh every time he does it because it always looks the same ~ with the letters trailing down the side of his paper. He tends to go with just writing JCT most days, so it is a special treat when he comes home with a paper like this one! Here is another one just for kicks. . . He brought this one home today, and I don't think the letters go quite as far down the side of the page! I'll count that as improvement!!!!

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The Collins said...

That's awesome. I remember crying when I learned my name had 9 letters, one of which was a z! (Elizabeth) I quickly decided Beth would always be my name of choice.

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