Friday, September 10, 2010

Silly Little Ramblings...

It is a strange phenomenon of first trimester pregnancy for me ~ coffee, my beloved Bifferdoodle, doesn't do anything for me ~ except maybe to nauseate me slightly each morning ~ because I refuse to quit drinking it.

Even if it doesn't appeal to me...

Even if the thought of it makes me ill...

Still I sip on an average of one half cup per morning. It is all I can stomach. How I long for it to taste good to me again!!!!


The good old quease is here. It is not constant, and it is not overwhelming, but it is here with me even now as I type this.

Two of my boys refuse the thought of a sister. They! want! a! boy! And, then, one little man wants a sister. He stands alone, but he is okay with that because he is always okay with standing alone. Confidence is his middle name ~ James Confidence Truett. He probably wants a sister so that he can pick out her clothes. He is my fashion man.

But, God already knows what is best for our family. My husband is an amazing boy daddy. When he was in med school he coached a junior high basketball team. And, he didn't just coach the boys on his team, he mentored them. He challenged them to be Godly. He had a huge impact on all their lives. And, today, he does an awesome job of challenging our boys to be men of God. He does it daily, breath by breath, tenderly and humbly. So, will God give my basketball loving a husband a basketball team of his own to mentor (the baby being our fifth man)? Or, will he bless us with something new and different and sweet and pink? We will see what God has already decided! We will be delighted either way! We will embrace this little one with open arms! Crazy to think that I will once again get to hold a newborn with sweet, wrinkly skin!!!!!

In other news, I killed my first yellow jacket yesterday. He dared come into my home, into my kitchen! I called Erik at work and asked if he could please come home and kill it for me so that we could eat lunch. But, he refused to leave work. I guess he thought the sick people in his office needed him more than I did. He not only refused to come home, he said, "Erin. Kill. It." I said, "Can I call Deana B?" He said, "Erin. Kill. It." I reminded him that it was mean and mad and buzzed a loud scary buzz that could be heard throughout the entire house ~ or at least in the kitchen. I also reminded him that he did not marry a brave woman who kills stinging insects (like Deana B). No, he married a weak, fearful woman who stays far, far away from stinging insects and relies on her big, strong, handsome husband to kill stinging insects for her. He reminded me of the time I took a hoe to a snake in an attempt to kill it (not the smartest move I've ever made). I reminded him that it stood up like a cobra and hissed at me, and I dropped the hoe, yelled, "You win!" and ran inside!" It didn't matter, Erik was steadfast, "Erin. Kill. It. I'll call you later, and you can tell me your victory story."


So, I sent the boys to the garage to play while I plotted the murder of the evil stinging insect. I chose a broom as my first weapon of choice. But, it took more than a broom to kill this angry yellow jacket. Later after I weakened him with the broom and realized that the broom was not enough to put him to death, I went with one of Erik's grilling utensils. Ya'll he still wouldn't die!!!! I'd poke at him, and he'd buzz. Poke, buzz, poke, buzz, poke, buzz. So, I had no other choice. I had to decapitate him, and that finally did it. He finally quit buzzing. I put his head and body in a ziploc bag so that I could show off my kill to my husband and sons. And, now I am considering hanging the bag by the backdoor to ward off other yellow jackets. They'll think twice before coming into my house!! Ha!

Which brings me to my last rambling point: Fall. It is a wonderful season for many reasons. Stinging insects disappear. That is just one of the many reasons that I love fall!!! We are still having temps much too warm to be considered fall weather! But, I have faith that cooler weather is right around the corner!!! Yesterday as the boys and I were reading, little boys napping, I remembered how JCT and I used to curl up in front of the fireplace last winter during naptime. He would ask for a fire in the fireplace as soon as the little boys were tucked away in their beds. And, I would put on a pot of coffee and hold my little man close! Just the thought of it makes me look so forward to fall and winter and fires in the fireplace. Ahhhh... My head is full of peaceful, happy thoughts now!!!


Linda said...

Okay!!!!! I am so impressed with your victory over the yellow jacket. Erik is not only good at mentoring young men... he is also good at mentoring one sweet,young woman to overcome her fear of stinging things and to be brave... strong and courageous. I love it!!!! Alert!!! Yellow jackets beware!!!!

Sarah said...

Ah, dear friend, I love you. Wishing I could enjoy Biff with you on your porch and talk about this newest little redhead coming! Sending hugs instead :)

Kelly said...


I've been a lurker of your blog since 2007. I want to tell you that you are a beautiful inspiration to me of the kind of godly wife and mother I desire to be. Your blog is encouraging to me and a great blessing too. Thank you for writing about your family and putting it on the interwebs!

My first son in now 4 months old and I am so thankful that I have a husband who supports me staying home with him. So, my journey as a godly mom is just beginning.

Thanks again for writing your heart and kudos for tackling homeschooling! Many of my friends are home schooled all the way through and they are rather successful. 1 was in the army, now in college, 1 in the airforce, 1 pursuing a college degree, and 1 a mommy like me! I hope it's going well for you!

Bev said...

I managed to get stung by a wasp this past weekend, there is reason to be afraid. They hurt! Brave you!

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