Tuesday, December 07, 2010

Melting Snowball

Sadly, we do not get enough snow around here to satisfy my silly snow-loving heart. But, thankfully, it does get cold enough to allow me the privilege of celebrating winter from time to time!! And, yesterday the high was 41. I never actually saw the temp rise above the 30's, but I'm sure it did for an hour or two in the mid afternoon. So, we celebrated with melting snowballs. . .

The boys loved watching the ice cream melt into their hot chocolate, but even more, they loved drinking it!!! :-) I love celebrating cold weather with warm treats!!! :-)


Kelly said...

Yum! I can't believe I have never thought of that:-) This weekend at our church Christas party I am having a hot cocoa bar and think I will add scoops of ice cream.. thanks for the fun idea!

HW said...

My husband puts a scoop of ice cream in his coffee just like that. I am a winter loving soul myself so I can so relate to your longing for it.

Anonymous said...


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