Tuesday, May 24, 2011


A year in review, my reflections on my first year teaching my children at home.

How I agonized over the decision.

And, here I sit 10 months later.

They've grown.

I've grown.

But, best of all...

We've grown.


Day in and day out, sunrise to sunset, moment by moment,

Grace upon grace.

Laundry often left undone, baseboards filthy, counters and tables a mess, a rare break for my sanity, my work never completed, my to do lists gathering dust. . .

But, my heart is full.

The nagging of loss is gone and in its place is the fullness of chaos, loud laughter, and uninterrupted activity 24/7!!!

And, when I tucked Joshua in last night, I thanked him for the great privilege of teaching him this year.  I told him how I loved being with him all day everyday, and I thanked him for the sweet memories of this year.

He thanked me for making him cookies. :-)

I told him he was very welcome.  Then, he smiled and told me he loved being homeschooled.

My heart beamed. :-)

This year was not always pretty, and I'd certainly never call it easy.  If I had to use one word to describe this year, it would be "rich."

It's been a year filled with...

visits from Pop and Nana (these become automatic holidays :-)
little boy laughter shaking the walls, rattling the roof
afternoons spent riding bikes, swimming, playing sports, exploring the woods ~ being free to be little boys
evenings and weekends without agenda ~ except soaking up time with Daddy
picnic lunches on pretty days
dinner table conversations about the Cold War, Sitting Bull, Apollo 11, or whatever else we are studying
fresh baked goodies with lots of helpers in the kitchen
enjoying good literature
brothers bonding
having "school" outside and breathing the fresh country air
big brothers reading to and teaching little brothers
the big learning to bend low and serve the small (still very much in process :-)
seeing the beauty in the simple
discovering the love for learning that God put in all of us (mom included!! :-)
waking up, pouring coffee, and listening to Daddy do devotions with his sons
slowing down a bit and savoring sweet time with my boys while they are still young

This year we've had more time, more moments, more memories. . .


Tara said...

Thank you for your insight! Congratulations on a year well spent! I am excited to begin a similar journey with my three little men this fall.

Allison said...

Beautiful! You just wrote what is in my heart about homeschooling! I love my children and cannot imagine doing anything else. (Before I get blasted, I am not saying that anyone who does not homeschool does not love their children. It is only what I am called to do.)

Sarah said...

So, so happy for you sweet girl! The agony of deciding to do it generally seems to be the hardest part. It's never easy, but it's so rewarding that the work is well worth it! I'm so glad your year has gone well, and I'm so thankful to get to share this with you!

Hug that sweet baby Jack for me, and let's talk soon!

Jessica said...

Congratulations on completing your first year of homeschooling!!!

Linda said...

You will always be thankful for those days Erin. Time enough for a neat and tidy house. The time when they are young and at home goes by so swiftly.
A sparkling house is way overrated!:)

RENE said...


I'm glad the homeschooling is working for you. I wish I was as good at mothering as you are. I have little patience for my kids. I love them but it's very hard dealing with their bickering all the time and whining. I will strive to be a better mother because of reading your blog.

God Bless

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