Saturday, May 14, 2011

Jack's First Month


You turned one month before your due date!  We didn't expect to have you with us so early, but we are so thankful to have you in our arms healthy and safe.  One day, when we were going to get your weight checked at the Women's Center, I was searching through my purse to find something when I found something I didn't expect!  I was holding you in my arms at the time, and out of my purse I pulled your pregnancy test.  I had put it in my purse (which I rarely carry anywhere) to show your Daddy when I announced to him that God had chosen to give you to us!  What a gift you are, little man!!  So, I had to take a picture of the difference 9 months makes!! Ha!  From a little line on a stick to a sweet baby in blue!  God is so good!  We love you with all our hearts!
I don't know that my boys have ever been so crazy about a baby!  They adore you!  They cannot keep their little hands off you!  I spend most of my day trying to hold and feed you while little hands reach, grab, and pet you!  You get hundreds of kisses everyday from little lips!!

Before you were born, I would spend my Friday mornings, while your brothers were at Excelsior, sitting quietly at Atlanta Bread Company.  I looked forward to the time alone each week.  So peaceful and sweet!  But, the last three weeks I have not been alone!!  I have had a little buddy with me ~ you!!!  And, I have sipped my hot raspberry tea and held you. Good times!  I took the picture to the left on one of our Friday morning dates, sweet boy!
Now, a little about you.  You look sorta like Elijah and sorta like Erik Daniel.  I think your eyes are going to be blue??  And, your hair is most definitely going to be red like your big brothers!  You fit right in little man!  You are nursing like a champ now.  I had to fight for it, but the fighting payed off!  You rarely take a bottle anymore! Your big brothers miss feeding you for me!  You smiled for the first time in the hospital, and you have not stopped since that time!  You are trying to talk ~ lots of sweet little coos.  You are gagging some, not spitting up, but just gagging, and your tummy hurts you some.  I am trying my best to make you as comfortable as I can.  You sleep wonderfully ~ waking once, sometimes twice, during the night.
You are such a gift, and I am thoroughly enjoying being your mom!  I am excited to get to know you better and better each month, each year!  Keep growing, little fifth man!  How special you are!

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