Friday, June 24, 2011

Inside the Van...

We have 5 children, and we have a minivan, an Odyssey to be exact.  And, sometimes I wonder if anyone ever sees us driving down the road and wonders what exactly goes on within the steel frame of our vehicle.  If they haven't wondered, they really ought to!  I can assure them that it is never quiet, nor is it ever boring.

Our church friends might wonder if we are quoting scripture from memory or singing hymns and/or praise songs.

Our sweet friends might imagine that we are in some deep and meaningful heartfelt discussion.

Our homeschool friends might assume we are discussing America's involvement in ending the Cold War.

Our sports friends might think we are discussing the NBA draft or the upcoming SEC football season.

But, the truth is, they would all be wrong.  This, my friends, this is what goes on behind the steel frame of our family van... 

Five Little Monkeys... How perfectly appropriate!!!!

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