Thursday, June 09, 2011

Our Miss Megan...

We met her when she was just a little girl, and we watched her grow up right before our eyes.  She always smiled and bounced, a happy little doll, cute as a button.  And, we watched her slowly blossom from cute and fun to beautiful and polished.  My husband, early on, thought so much of her, admired her happy heart.  Erik is a great discerner of people, and he recognized in her a genuiness and inner beauty that is rare.  She has always been a favorite of his.

And, when Joshua (my now 8 year old) was only a few months old, the movie Passion of the Christ came out, and I was desperate to see it.  But, I had virtually never left Joshua with anyone before this time.  When I asked our friend, Mrs. Wendy, to watch him and she couldn't, I panicked!  Who else could I leave him with???

Wendy suggested Megan.


But, she was a mere child!!!

And, I was a slightly overprotective first time mom!

Wendy insisted that Meg could do it and I should give her a try.

 I called Erik, and he, of course, thought it was a great idea.  So, I called Megan's sweet mama and asked her opinion.  And, a few hours later Miss Megan bounced up to my backdoor, all smiles, a girl of 13.  And, as I left I thought myself half crazy for leaving my nursed baby with a 13 year old!  Had I lost my mind??

When Erik and I returned home, Meg had Joshua asleep and all his little things neatly stacked just so.  And, we smiled to ourselves, we had found our girl, and then we drove her home...

For the next few years off and on....

we picked her up, and we drove her home.

Then, she learned to drive, my little friend growing up...

Who knew that years later, she'd go off to college and when she came home she'd drop by, pick up a carful of my boys, and take them to get snow cones!

Rich.  There is a richness that comes with the depth of a relationship that has grown over the years as ours has.  As the years have gone by, we've all grown ~ Miss Megan, the boys, but most of all our friendship.  She has become like family to us.  Last year she kept my little guys every Tuesday morning.  And, I grew to look forward to seeing her smiling face each Tuesday almost as much as my boys did!

We've been through a good bit together ~ friends hurting feelings, homecomings, boys, etc. But, what I remember most is how she was there for me when Erik's parents were hospitalized after the accident, ready and willing to give me a break if needed.  And, she cried with me when Erik's mother passed.  I'll never forget the way she felt our pain.

She is truly beautiful, inside and out.

She has earned our affection, our trust, and our love.

It is sort of amusing to me...

She always tells me or writes to me about how she has learned so much from Erik and I over the years.  But, I have learned so much from her!!!  Her positive attitude and genuine love has encouraged my heart and given me hope time and time again.  She is simply good to the core, and we love her so much!

I'll never forget the night she called us with that special lift in her voice...

Philip had asked...

And, she had accepted.

And, in one fell swoop two of my sons lost the love of their lives!!! :-)

But, seriously, we are so happy for her!!

When she called yesterday to let us know that Philip had been drafted by the Minnesota Twins, Joshua immediately wanted to get online and order all sorts of Twins hats, t-shirts, etc.  He's a fan, not so much of the Twins, but of Miss Megan and Mr. Philip.

And, now, Erik and I look forward to watching Meg marry this Saturday night.  Erik doesn't go to many weddings, but this is one he wouldn't miss!

To our Miss Megan...

When we moved here ten years ago, we watched you skip down the aisle on the arm of your little brother to sit with your parents, and then a few years later we watched you giggle down the aisle on the arm of Anna Kate Goodwin to sit with your friends, and now on Saturday we will watch you walk down the aisle on the arm of your sweet Daddy to take your true love's hand.

Watching you grow and blossom through the years has been a joy and a privilege.

We love you, sweet girl.

And, we will always be here for you....

7 of your biggest fans!!

Now, sweet girl, you will not be our Miss Megan anymore...

Now you will be our Mrs. Megan!!!!

Best Wishes!!

May God bless you BIG!!!

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SM Anderson said...

Let me know if you need help getting some Minnesota Twins stuff. I live in Minneapolis. Megan will love it here.

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