Monday, November 26, 2012

Monday's Gratitude

Today was a stretching day.  I literally felt myself being stretched and grown.  It hurt a little.  Maybe it was just a Monday, but I think it was more.  The pulling, the tugging, the everyday sort of challenges that stretch me and change me.  And, even for this I am thankful!

This week is very full for our family.  This week will go quickly by as I grope for spare moments here and there...

Today I am so thankful for...

*  Bare trees and overcast skies ~ winter is on its way, no doubt about it!
*  Jack's rosy cheeks.
*  The warm glow of lights on the Christmas tree, all day, making me so happy!
*  My Jesus leaving the Pharisees speechless in John this morning.
*  Winter skies thick with white clouds that make me think of snow ~ even when it is 40+ degrees outside!
*  A son crying over not wanting to do wrong.  Praying for Jesus to forgive.
* James asking as we drove by a building with a sign that said "FLEA MARKET" on it, "Mom, why would anyone sell fleas!!!!" Making me laugh out loud!
*  I'm thankful that the play doh Jack choked on today (oops) got stuck in his esophagus and not his trachea!!!!!!!
*  Four sweet boys deep into drawing and creating with various mediums for most of the afternoon.
* A quiet night with a few things checked off my to do list.
*  A God Who gently reminds me daily of the things that really matter when I get sidetracked on the insignificant things.  Love Him!

1 comment:

LaQuetha said...

I am loving your thankful posts. It is reminding me to write down all the things I am thankful for.
thanks for sharing

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