Friday, March 01, 2013

Pure Sweetness...


I cannot believe you are already nearing the one year mark!  You have grown so fast and have been such a joy to us.  Sweet baby, we are just silly about you ~ all of us.  Your older brothers dote on you like you are the only girl in the world.  They always want to hold you and kiss you and tell you how beautiful and wonderful you are.  Sometimes I pity your husband because I fear you will become quite accustomed to all the loving attention of five young men, and he will be only one man!  Your Daddy, he adores you as well.  The other night you were smiling and flirting with him, and he looked over at me with a silly grin and said, "I think she likes me!"  Ummmm.... YES!  You do love your Daddy!

You have been such a sweet and content baby!  If I want to hold you, you are happy to be held.  If I need to put you down in your play area to do something for Jack, you are happy to play by yourself. This has been such a gift since you and Jack are so close in age.  Jack still likes to be held a great deal, too.  I pray that the two of you will be the best of friends.  How close you will be!

You still love your baby doll that your Aunt Kristin gave you...

You are one of those sweet babies who will cuddle with anyone and everyone, and this makes you very popular with those who like to hold babies!  Here you are with a sweet lady at church...

She put you right to sleep.  Sweet girl!  We love you to pieces.  I simply cannot wait to get to know you better as the years go by...  But, I am in no hurry!  I love having you little.  I just love having you!!!

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Sarah said...

Love, love, love, smooch, smooch, smooch! Hugs to both of you!!

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