Monday, July 01, 2013

July Nature Walk

I have always wanted to add nature study to our list of things we study, but we've just never seemed to have the time to add it.  I am hoping to change that this year.  God has blessed me with a gang of boys who love to be outdoors exploring and playing, so it seems that it will be a perfect fit!  Amanda Blake Soule suggests a nature walk on the first day of every month.  As you walk she suggests you discuss what is blooming, changing, growing or dying each month.  Compare and contrast the months and seasons as you go.  Collect leaves, flowers, and other fun things as you walk.

I am skimming through several books on nature study and loosely planning a few projects and activities based on the seasons for this school year.  I think the boys will really enjoy this!  Our walk today was fun for all of them.  I gave them each a brown paper bag to fill with little treasures.  I told them that they would draw something from their bag when we returned to home.  We walked around the backyard and down by the pond.  We looked for life in the pond and discovered an insect we had never seen!  (Note to self: Buy an insect identification book and a leaf identification book!)  We noticed and picked a few flowers ~ some wildflowers and some not.  It was really fun!  

Blueberries that are not quite ripe...

Blackberries ready to pick....


Back inside...

We added a few of our treasures to our nature shelf (another idea from Soule Mama).

I am so excited about this!

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Deidre said...

Oh, what a terrific idea! My girls would LOVE a nature walk at the first of every month. Thanks for sharing!

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