Wednesday, June 26, 2013

A Different Approach

School will be different at our home this year.  I have committed my heart to this.  My children's hearts and character are what I'm after first and foremost.  Erik and I were privileged recently to sit down with a Godly lady who has taught school at all levels from elementary to university for over forty years.  The first thing she challenged us to do is to attempt not to look at our children from a 5 or 6 foot perspective, but rather from a much higher perspective ~ to attempt to see them as God does.  She, also, reminded us that any weaknesses we saw in our children are there to be used by Him in some way.  She encouraged us that strengths often cause us to be prideful and self-sufficient where weaknesses humble us and teach us to depend on Him.  She reminded us of all the weakness of the great men of God in the Bible.  She encouraged us to look at our children through the eyes of God Who can use their weaknesses to glorify Him.

Through our time spent with her and through many, many other ways God has brought me to a place where I realize that my children's hearts, their character, and their souls are more important than the academics I teach.  I am an overachiever who tirelessly pushed myself all of my academic career.  I wanted to excel, and I was determined to do it.  I pushed myself. Hard. And, I can see how I have let some of this bleed over into my homeschooling. But, the beauty of homeschooling is that you don't have to push.  You can rest and trust.  You can teach, and if they don't get it the first time, or the second time, or the third time ~ there is no looming test on Friday.  There is no deadline.  No pressure. Unless you choose to create it.  And, I confess at times I have done this.  But, not this year.

This year we are backing up, slowing down, and building confidence, character, and trust in the greatest Teacher ever to walk the earth.  This year is about encouraging one another and building strong family relationships.  It is about giving back, loving big, and living life to the fullest, everyday.  It is about not worrying and learning to rest and trust.  It is about filling them up until they overflow.  It is my prayer that our home will be fertile soil for growing strong, beautiful souls that will rise up one day, leave our little nest, and glorify Him.


Kristin said...

This is such a beautiful and honest post! My girls are only 2.5 and almost 1.5 years old. It has always been my desire to homeschool and this truth just strengthened my resolve. Obviously, we still have a while to begin our schooling but I can begin building foundation now. Thank you for this.

Renee said...

Hi Erin,

I haven't commented here in several years, maybe? I had 5 little boys and you were maybe expecting your 5th? I can't remember. Anyway, both of our families have since grown, and now we're both in the midst of homeschooling years. This was so encouraging to read, and I can't wait to check in later to hear more and hopefully even more about how you're implementing these changes. Definitely something I could stand to re-evaluate for our crew, too. :)

Christi said...

What a lovely perspective - I am pondering a similar change in focus as we begin to plan our year. xo

Sarah said...

Hugs to you, Erin :)

Sammy said...

As a teacher, I really look forward to hearing more about this. It sounds like your children will have an amazing experience. Although I teach in a public setting, I send my own children to a homeschool co-op. My work is to help children from impoverished backgrounds (I teach in an extremely poor, urban area), but I want my children to have a more holistic school experience. I'm sure I will learn and be inspired by you!

Jessica said...

I am always encouraged & inspired by your posts, Erin. Thank you & I look forward to hear about this new teaching approach next school year!

Kristi said...

What a great post! Thank you :). I would love to hear more insight from this lady if you care to share. I so appreciate your blog. I found you from your friend Sarah's blog. Like you, I enjoy blogging but life with 5 children usually takes precedence! If your blog does go private, I would love to continue reading. But I also understand your decision if you decide not to include those you do not know personally :). You are always an encouragement to me, even though I rarely comment and am a more "seasoned" mom than you ;). Thank you!

Tricia said...

This completely resonates with me and is something I need to spend time in prayer about. With 6 little ones at home, it certainly is a challenge to implement on a daily basis. Would love to hear what practical changes that you guys will be making!

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