Friday, September 11, 2015

A Post Full of Happy!

Life lately has been so gentle and sweet.  I feel like we are moving at a good pace for our family.  I can keep up.  I am able to think of and follow through with some fun things for the kids and myself.  And, fall is around the corner! So, much to be thankful for!! This post is a hodge podge of the last few months.  So, many sweet moments!

This is Sniffer.  We didn't choose him.  He chose us.  He won't leave, so I guess he is kind of ours??

This little guy is growing up so fast!!  Such a happy little fella!

Hearts are my thing.  I've drawn hearts by my name since high school.  I've always loved hearts in decorating, jewelry, etc.  A sweet young mama from our church that I love surprised me with this in my mailbox this week.  I love it soooo much!!!  My new favorite!

Don't you love finding photos like the one above on your phone?  It makes me so happy!

Erik killed a snake the other day! EEEEKKKK! Note the head is in the shovel.

I could not possibly love her more.  It is not possible.

Some of the best friends a family could ask for....

You can't really see it, but my kids were playing at the neighbors house on the hill in the distance.  I was overwhelmed at the blessing of it all and had to take a picture.  Children running and playing wild and free and beauty everywhere.  Grateful.

A yard full of happy makes my heart overflow...

James's newest hobby.  It makes him so happy.  Finish school.  Go fishing.  It's really that simple.

Educational movie time!

My little Michaelangelos!!  I love teaching art and then setting them free to create!

My baby isn't looking so much like a baby anymore! Yikes!!

The younger three really have a blast together on school days.  Zeke can hang with them pretty well, and they love him!

I was making dinner, and my older boys surprised me by bathing my younger three!  They are so helpful and so fun!  The littles love their big brothers!!


A sweet friend teaching me to can grape jelly!

A surprise Labor Day midday rain shower!  It came out of nowhere, rained hard for about 20 minutes, and the sun never quit shining!

These two melt me over and over...  I wouldn't have planned to have children 11 months apart, but it has been such a joy!

Stealing a kiss!

He loves Pop best of all!!

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Tyna said...

I've been missing your posts. What a sweet family.

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