Monday, May 25, 2009

Home Sweet Home. . .

Last Wednesday night as Erik and I were saying our bedtime prayers with the boys, Erik prayed, "And, give us safety of travel as we go to New Orleans tomorrow." Erik and I had talked about the possibility of all of us going to New Orleans with him Memorial Day Weekend, but I didn't think we had decided for sure. And, I didn't realize that he had taken Thursday and Friday off of work. I assumed that we would leave on Friday. . .

But, I was wrong, and I was ill prepared for the journey that lay ahead of me. I had to seriously scramble to get everything together and ready to pack up and leave Thursday morning! Whew! Thursday morning I left a home with no one to feed my fish, with a highchair tray still crummy, and coffee grounds still in the coffee maker. I am usually much more prepared. I laughed to myself as I surveyed my Thursday's to do list sitting in the front seat of my mini-van headed south. The dry cleaners and car wash/vacuum were going to have to wait!!!!

We had a good weekend, but that is a post for another day when I have more time ~ time to look at my pictures and time to sit down without seeing at least 6 bags that I should be unpacking. We had a great time, but it is so nice to be home. Two babes are snug in their beds for nap time, and two big boys are sitting with their Daddy on the back porch waiting for the heavy rain to clear, even just the tiniest bit, so that they can go swimming for a few hours. And, me, I am content to sit for a moment and savor my first cup of Bifferdoodle in 3 days. I am always amazed at how the flavor of the cinnamon literally jumps out of the mug and kisses me when I have been deprived of a cup for a few days.

Home. The smell of our three gardenia bushes greeted me at the backdoor as if to say, "Welcome!" And, summer, I think it came while we were gone. It has to be at least 80 degrees outside! And, I am happy to report that as I have been typing away the clouds have cleared a bit and the sun is peeking its sweet little face out and shining on my two little loves and my one big love! :-)

Quick update on my in-loves. . . Pop is doing awesome ~ walked over a half mile with Erik yesterday! And, Grandma is doing very well, too. She may not be able to talk, but her personality shines through anyway! I bragged to her about Pop's half mile walk, and she half smiled at me and rolled her eyes! So cute! I was just glad to see that her sense of humor is still very much intact! Lots of stuff going on with her and possible transferring to another hospital in New Orleans or, cross your fingers, a brain injury rehabilitation center in Orlando (which is her home ~ so that would be a huge answer to prayer :-)).

Thanks for your prayers, and I will be back one of these days when I get time to post, post, post! This is my family's scrapbook, and I am so behind. I have missed several important events over the past few weeks, so I seriously need to get with it! But, it is summer, and all I want to do is PLAY with my boys!!! I can't express how happy I am to have my Joshua home with me every single day of the week!!!!! I will catch up one day but not at the expense of fun with my little ones!!!

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