Monday, May 11, 2009

Just Call Me the Llama Mama

I'm just not sure how to take this. . .

I bought this really fun farm animal book for Elijah at Barnes and Noble a few months ago. He loves farm animals, and his favorite thing on earth for me to do is to quiz him on animals and the lovely sounds that they make.

So, a few days ago I was quizzing him on the animals in this cute little book. We finally came to the llama section. I pointed to the llama in the picture and asked, "What is this animal?"

He answered, "Mama."

I said, "No, llama. LLLLlama."

He said, "MMMMama."

"Not a Mama, Lij, it's a Llama."

"It's a Mama!" He said adamately.
A simple mistake, you say?

Now, here is why I was not so crazy about his confusion. . .
This is the picture I was pointing to. . .

I'm really trying to tell myself that he is just having trouble pronouncing the "ll" in llama! But, a little laughing voice in my head said that maybe, just maybe, the picture reminded him of his own mama!!! :-)
I guess I shouldn't let it get to me. After all, when I asked him what animal this was. . .

He said, "Dat's Rain!" (Our weimeraner!) :-) And, I must admit the long ears do look a bit like our sweet dog's ears!

As we read along, Lijah got so excited that at one point he jumped back and hit the back of his head against the bone just under my eye. And, for a moment, just a moment, I thought that I might go to church on Mother's Day with a black eye given to me by my sweet 2 year old son!!!

Now that would have been a good story!!!

Not that we need another good Lijah story. We have plenty, and I have a feeling that there are many more to come. Life is never boring with little Lij around!!!


Kristen said...

That is very cute! Have you read "Llama Llama Mad at Mama" it's a cute book too. I thought maybe that is where he got "mama" from.

Susan said...

Or maybe he is making into rhyming or is he simply thinking of the book "Is Your Mama a Llama?"

Sarah said...

We have that book, too, Erin!!

And you have much better teeth than the llama :) We have llamas down the road from us--they are funny creatures! If we didn't already have the goats, we'd get an alpaca or two--they're like miniature llamas. Wouldn't that be fun?? You and your boys need to come make a road trip to Texas, so we can play!! We'd have enough memories with our six boys (and one girl) to last a lifetime!!

Sun said...

SO funny! Sunshine

Bev said...

Glad to see your sense of humor is intact. Hang in there, we're still praying for all of you.

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