Monday, May 18, 2009

Joshua's Weekend

Joshua went to New Orleans with Erik last weekend. He has been begging to see Grandma and Pop for weeks now, and Erik finally obliged. Joshua was thrilled, thrilled, because not only did he get to see Grandma and Pop, but also he got to spend a weekend alone with Daddy. And, Joshua adores his Daddy. I always tell Erik, "You're his hero, Baby," because he is. In fact, last week when I took Joshua to get his hair-cut, he told Mrs. Ann, "Cut my hair like my Daddy's," and she did while I bit off all the fingernails on my left hand. Yikes! But, he looks cute, grown up, but cute.
I wonder how much of the weekend Joshua will remember. Most of it, I think. . . I hope. It was special. . . for both of them. Joshua got to spend some quality time with his Pop, and he loved that. He also got to see his Grandma and talk to her. But, what I didn't anticipate was the unique and precious time he and Erik would have together. Erik took him to see the mighty Mississippi River and a huge battleship. They took their first long distance run together ~ 3 miles total, but Joshua had to stop and walk here and there. Erik said they probably ran a little over a mile and a half of that 3. They ran at night, and after they were finished they took a little walk in the moonlight around the seminary campus. Erik showed him where he used to sit on the steps of Leavell Chapel and pray. He showed him Martin Chapel where we were married. He took him to the fountain where he proposed to me and they sat in the dark and prayed together there. The trip was special for more reasons than I can name.
While they were in New Orleans, Pop complimented Joshua on how perceptive he is. And, Erik added as he told me this, that Joshua is a very tender and emotional boy, so he perceives other's emotions and is thoughtful in reaction to them. I can't wait to see how God will use that for His glory! Joshua is tender and seeing his Grandma was good but difficult at the same time. He cried a lot of tears his first day back. He would just say, "Grandma. . . Grandma. . ." and cry and cry. He misses her so much, and he should because she is a wonderful grandma. She loves so much she just can't keep it all in!
He drew this picture on the back of one of his papers at school Monday. . .

Sorry, it is sideways. But, you can see his grandma with her trach hooked up to suction, etc.
On another note, the new hair-cut is growing on me. I think it makes him look a little like Poppy??!! I'm not sure, but one thing that I am sure of it. . .

It looks great first thing in the morning! Rock star material! I love that cute face!


Deidre said...

My goodness, he looks so grown up Erin!

Sounds like such a special time for both of them. I'm still praying for your family and anticipate the updates. Hope you're well!

Kristen said...

Thank you so much for your last two posts. You are an encouragement to this mom of 2. My son just turned 6 yesterday and he sounds very much like your Joshua. He adores his daddy too and is such a tender heart. We just had to tell him that his dad was going on a 9 month deployment in July and it about broke my heart. If you think of it say a prayer for my sweet Owen too. He's going to miss his daddy too. Thank you for reminding me to choose joy and enjoy the blessings we have. I needed your wise words this week!

Anonymous said...

he does look cute. and i am so blessed hearing Erik and Joshua were able to spend such a special time together! my husband and i met at NOBTS and it takes me back to a sweet time just hearing of the stories you tell about that place too! thank you! God's blessings!

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