Monday, June 29, 2009

10 for 10. . .

10 facts about you, little sweetheart, at 10 months of age. . .
1.) Your new favorite thing to do is to stand up holding on to your superyard! And, one of your big brother's favorite things to do is to cheer for you and then pry your sweet little fingers off the superyard and make you fall. :-( He loves you to pieces, I promise! He just has a funny little way of showing it sometimes!! :-)

2.) You have two teeth which makes for a very cute little smile! And, even though you are eating baby food 3 times a day and nursing, you still wake up at least once at night for a little snack!!! Silly boy! One of these days, or should I say one of these nights. . .

3.) You love everyone! And, I do mean everyone! You will go to anyone and everyone and smile at them the entire time. Mr. Mike and Mrs. Susan helped me get to the van with all you boys after chuch yesterday. When we got to the car Mr. Mike said of you, "He is my little buddy." And, Mrs. Susan very quickly said, "Mike, he's everybody's little buddy!" And, it is so true!

4.) You might be part dog! Just kidding, but you do love to chew on shoes ~ especially crocs! We have to hide our shoes from you because they are your favorite teether! :-)

5.) I don't know much about who you will become, but two things I do know. . . You are happy ~ the content kind of happy ~ not the bright and shiney kind of happy. And, you are layed back. You don't get too worked up about anything. In fact, one night we put you to bed and from the other room we could hear you crying. Erik said, "That's unusual." And, I said, "I'm kinda glad. It's good to see he has a little fight in him." You are just a calm little man.

6.) You have brown eyes! I've never had a baby with brown eyes!

7.) Put #5 and #6 together and what do you get? You are very much like your namesake-your Daddy. I always tell Erik, "I think this must be what you were like as a baby ~ calm. Your Daddy is super layed back ~ unlike your high-strung mama! And, you look like him, too, Mr. brown eyes!

8.) You have a very sweet and special relationship with your big brother James Christofer Truett. He adores you. He wants to hold you and feed you and take care of you in any way that he is able. It is so fun for this mama to watch her little boys develop friendships!

9.) You love to crawl around the house and explore! You are a busy boy!

10.) You make life so much sweeter. You go from car seat to stroller to swing to superyard to walker to highchair without complaint. You just look up at me and smile like, "Hey, I'm just happy to be here." And, you know what, I'm so happy you are here, my little surprise baby. I can't imagine my life without you, and I love you with all my heart!

We love you to pieces! It is hard to believe that you will soon be one year old!!!!!!

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Manda said...

It sounds like our 10-month-old little ones have a lot in common. Lucy has two teeth and still is waking up to nurse at night. She also is everyone's friend. My husband and I are known by so many people as Lucy's parents, not by our own names -- and that's fine with us!

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